RI 3041 4×4 Butler Matrix brings frequency testing to next level with leading bandwidth performance

Ranatec, a part of Qamcom Group and progressive creator of test and measurement equipment for RF and microwave applications, announced that it has extended its product portfolio to include the Ranatec RI 3041 4×4 Butler Matrix.  Targeted for testing at frequencies from 2.4 to 8.0 GHz, the next generation Butler Matrix 4×4 delivers widest operational bandwidth available on the global market and is the latest Ranatec innovation empowering leading electronics manufacturers to perform the enhanced testing that places their most advanced products in pole position for market.

Addressing the needs of an evolving electronics market, the next generation RI 3041 4×4 provides a compact design that is smaller in size, lighter, larger operating bandwidth, provides increased accuracy and amplitude accuracy, plus lower insertion loss.

– “Ranatec is creating future-oriented value propositions for its customers though new advancements such as the RI 3041 4×4 Butler Matrix, says Charlotte Ornstein at Ranatec.  A valuable addition to our rich portfolio of wireless test automation products, the new Butler Matrix is designed to perform over the complete Bluetooth and Wi-Fi bands of operation and is highly suitable for antenna array beamforming and interference testing for multiple systems within the frequency range and for multichannel multipath emulation and testing of wireless products.”

About the RI 3041 4×4 Butler Matrix

The Ranatec Butler Matrix supports multichannel MIMO testing for up to 4+4 antenna ports, over a large frequency range. It covers all present and future Bluetooth and WIFI bands from 2.4 to 8.0 GHz. The Ranatec Butler Matrix can also be used for antenna array beamforming and interface testing for multiple systems in the frequency range, and for multichannel multipath emulation.

Based on renowned quality and engineering, Ranatec’s competitive portfolio enables customers to test their latest, cutting-edge wireless equipment with superior proficiency – enabling electronics manufacturers to create and secure value-added product offerings and capture a competitive edge and significant share of the global marketplace.

A black rectangular box with gold colored connectors

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Enhancements in RI3041 4×4 Butler Matrix

• Smaller in size: 70x86x19 vs 150x100x18

• Lighter: 0.25 kg vs 0.6 kg

• Increased accuracy: ±10° vs. ±15°

• Increased amplitude accuracy: ±1.5 dB vs. ±3 dB

• Lower insertion loss: 8 dB vs. 13 dB


Frequency Range2.4 to 8GHzCovers present and future BLE and WiFi bandsw
Return Loss (50 Ω reference)13dBVSWR = 1.6 (Max RL 10dB, VSWR 1.9)
Output phase deviation from nominal±10°
Output amplitude deviation from nominal<±3dBNominal is equal amplitude in the 8 output ports
Insertion Loss<8dB6 dB of total 8 dB is splitting loss (1:4)
Isolation>13dBMeasured as isolation between input ports (Max 10 dB)
Maximum power5WTotal input power (average)
Dimensions (LxWxH)70 x 86 x 19mmIncluding connectors
Connector typeSMA-F