Top 100 Global Innovator 2024

STMicroelectronics a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications, has been named a Top 100 Global Innovators 2024. The annual list from Clarivate, a global leader in providing transformative intelligence, identifies organizations leading the world in technology research and innovation.

“Being recognized as a Top 100 Global Innovator 2024 for the sixth time demonstrates the consistent quality of our R&D and the innovation power of our teams,” said Alessandro Cremonesi, Executive Vice President, Chief Innovation Officer, STMicroelectronics. “The continued strength of our innovation is achieved by placing ST at the center of a global innovation ecosystem, based on cooperative R&D with our global network of academic and private partners, helping us drive sustainable growth by enabling smarter mobility, more efficient power and energy management, edge AI, and the wide-scale deployment of cloud-connected autonomous things.”

In 2023 ST invested approximately 12.2% of net revenues on R&D, has over 9,500 R&D employees, and engages in extensive collaboration with leading research labs and corporate partners throughout the world. The Company’s Innovation Office focuses on connecting emerging market trends with internal technology expertise to identify opportunities, stay ahead of the competition, and lead in new or existing technology domains. ST is recognized as a leading semiconductor technology innovator in a number of areas including smart power technologies, wide bandgap semiconductors, edge AI solutions, MEMS sensors and actuators, optical sensing, and digital and mixed-signal technologies.

Gordon Samson, President, Intellectual Property, Clarivate, said, “To feature as a Top 100 Global Innovator is no mean feat as maintaining an edge in the innovation ecosystem is harder than ever. Organizations must balance experimentation and risk with discipline and reward. We measure and rank innovative performance in a dynamic and thorough way, using live thresholds of differentiation. At Clarivate, we think forward by analyzing the quality of ideas, their potency and their impact to identify the world’s top innovators, and this year we reveal the ranking of these innovators for the first time.”

To build the Top 100 Global Innovators 2024 report, the Clarivate Center for IP and Innovation Research™ measures the quality of ideas, their potency and their effect. To achieve this, they combine modern analytical architecture with over 60 years of experience from Derwent World Patents Index™ (DWPI™) and Derwent Patent Citation Index™.

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The Top 100 Global Innovators uses a complete comparative analysis of global invention data to assess the strength of every patented idea, using measures tied directly to their innovative power.

To move from the individual idea strength to identify the organizations that create them more consistently and frequently, Clarivate sets two threshold criteria that potential candidates must meet and then adds a measure of their patented innovation output over the past five years.

For full information on the methodology used to identify the 2024 list, see here.

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