Transtector Beefs Up Line of UL-Listed Polycarbonate NEMA Enclosures

Weatherproof Cabinets Have Thermostat Controls, Are Made for Rapid Setup

Transtector, an Infinite Electronics brand and a leading provider of end-to-end power and signal integrity solutions, has expanded its line of UL-listed polycarbonate NEMA enclosures. The new indoor/outdoor boxes have built-in power outlets and thermostat systems. They protect equipment from theft or damage, and are ideal for rapid deployment, corrosive environments, hotspot applications and remote wireless LAN Wi-Fi setups.

The new polycarb NEMA enclosures comprise almost two dozen models. They come in two sizes, two ingress protection levels, two colors, and both a cooling fan and a heater or just a cooling fan. Size choices are either 14 inches tall by 12 wide by 6 deep, or 18 tall inches by 16 wide by 10 deep.

Transtector’s new indoor/outdoor enclosures are rugged and secure enough to protect critical equipment. They are UL-listed and made of high-impact, UV-resistant polycarbonate. Their lids feature a nonmetallic hinge system that allows for quick removal and can be reattached just as quickly without the need for tools. They come with a pair of stainless-steel latches with padlock eyes so that locks can be attached to prevent tampering.

All of the new enclosures are weatherproof and heat-resistant, with ingress protection (IP) ratings that keep their insides dry under falling rain. The NEMA 3R models are rated IP24, guarding against splashing water from any direction and ice formation. The NEMA 4X models are rated IP66 to keep out rain, sleet, snow and both splashing and hose-directed water, and are also dust-tight and corrosion-resistant. Four included lid screws enable a NEMA 6P IP68 rating, though any openings would have to be properly sealed with an IP68 plug, gland, or coupler.

Inside each enclosure, an aluminum mounting plate holds surge-protected duplex 120 VAC outlets and a terminal block for easy hookup to externally provided line power. The heated and cooled units include a solid-state thermostat-controlled fan and a 200-watt heater. The cooled-only units have a thermostat control for the fans.

With the included brackets installed, the enclosures can be mounted to any flat wall. The brackets also allow use of one of Transtector’s optional pole-mount kits. In addition, the bottom of each enclosure has holes for two N-bulkhead lightning protectors or connectors, a grounding lug and a cable conduit connector.

“We’ve added these 20 new polycarb NEMA enclosures because we want our customers to be able to find the one that best meets their needs,” said Product Line Manager Tim Houghton. “These enclosures are rugged but lightweight, come in two sizes and two ingress protection levels, and can be mounted anywhere.”

Transtector’s new UL-listed polycarbonate NEMA enclosures  are in stock and available for same-day shipment.