Mindflow secures €5M to pioneer the Future of Work with Autonomous AI Agents in Cyber & IT Operations

  •  Mindflow raised €5M in a seed funding round with Auriga Cyber Ventures, Nauta Capital, Thales and Olivier Pomel (co-founder Datadog).
  •  Mindflow aims at empowering any IT practitioner to leverage AI & automation so that they never have to work on any mundane boring task ever again #futureofwork.
  •  Mindflow will expand its R&D team to develop the next generation of Generative AI models: Large Action Models (LAMs) to delegate mundane tasks to AI agents.

The rise of AI Agents that can execute tasks on their own

Mindflow is announcing €5 million in funding in a seed round with Auriga Cyber Ventures,
Nauta Capital, Thales and Olivier Pomel, Co-founder of Datadog. This is a key milestone for Mindflowin its journey to redefine Cyber and IT operations through AI-powered automation.

Mindflowʼs investors not only secured robust financial backing but also invaluable insights and guidance from key figures in the IT, cybersecurity & tech ecosystem.

From the moment I saw Mindflow’s platform, I knew it was a game-changer. Its ability to automate complex processes effortlessly is truly impressive. And with the integration of Gen-AI Large Action Models, the potential is beyond extraordinary, says William Lecat, Partner at Auriga Cyber Ventures.

“We are convinced that multi-billion-dollar tech companies will emerge in the enterprise automation space made of AI agents and we are fully committed to being at the forefront of this race.” asserts Paul-Arthur Jonville, Co-founder & CEO.

Mindflow addresses the need for hyperautomation across IT & Cybersecurity teams

The IT & Cyber landscape is grappling with talent shortages, a rise in complex cyber alerts, and a surge in tool usage, with large companies averaging 473 tools—a 26% yearly increase (Gartner). This complexity results in an overwhelming task and alerts volume, diverting valuable human intellect to monotonous tasks.

Cybersecurity experts dedicate 30% of their time to tasks AI could automate, amidst a global shortfall of 3 million talents needed in the industry.

Thus, automating operations has become critical.

Mindflowʼs intuitive no-code automation & orchestration platform already makes it extremely easy to build, adjust, and monitor automation flows, for technical and non technical users.

Major companies including AuchanColasThalesElior and Doctolib already utilize Mindflow to automate phishing detection and neutralization, security incident response, vulnerability identification, CMDB management, IAM and employee offboarding processes…

We have never encountered a platform like Mindflow, that allows SOC & IT teams to automate such a wide range of use cases so easily. The platform has almost no limits and can adapt to any environment”, adds Eric Lexcellent, Security Operations Director at Doctolib.

Enable the focus on high-value human expertise by automating mundane tasks

These funds will be allocated to augment its existing R&D team, already staffed with top-tier engineers and AI PhDs, by bringing in additional AI experts dedicated to advancing its cutting-edge AI capabilities and make the best of Gen-AI’s next big thing: Large Action Models (LAMs).

According to Gartner, “we are moving from what machines can do for us to what machines can be for us. Machines are evolving from being our tools to becoming our teammates. Gartner predicts that by 2025, Gen-AI will be a workforce partner for 90% of companies worldwide.”

Large Action Models (LAMs) are developed to understand complex human goals expressed in natural language, translate these intentions into actionable steps and respond in real time.

Beyond language comprehension, LAMs are also capable of learning to engage and perform actions within the whole information system, an area where Mindflow is setting the pace with an unfair advantage: a catalog of 600+ product integrations covering 100 000 actions.

The infusion of advanced LAMs technologies further elevates the platform’s capability to build autonomous AI agents, capable of executing specific tasks, under human supervision, allowing for an almost complete delegation and operational efficiency.

“Mindflow will create a new text-to-actions experience. Simply prompt what you wish to accomplish, and our AI handles the tedious parts, managing tasks across your tools and bringing in human approval for critical decisions. It’s all fully auditable to keep things transparent and compliant. It’s designed to let you focus on what truly matters.”
says Fabrice Delhoste Co-founder & CTO.