Indium Corporation Showcases Thermal Management Solutions at SEMI-THERM

Indium Corporation will feature an array of its innovative thermal management solutions at SEMI-THERM, March 25‒28, in San Jose, CA.  

Indium Corporation’s Heat-Spring solutions, ideal for TIM2 applications, is a compressible, non-reflow metal TIM. These indium-containing TIMs offer superior thermal conductivity over non-metals—with pure indium metal delivering 86W/mK in all planes. Because of its solid metal state, Heat-Spring avoids pump-out and bake-out problems. It also offers a sustainable solution due to Indium Corporation’s reclaim and recycle program.

The GalliTHERM  portfolio of gallium-based liquid metal solutions draws on Indium Corporation’s more than 60 years of experience in manufacturing gallium-based liquid metals. These liquid metal TIMs are designed for both TIM1 and TIM2 applications. Liquid metal TIMs offer:

  • High thermal conductivity for end-product longevity and reliability
  • Low interfacial resistance against most surfaces, ensuring rapid heat dissipation
  • Extraordinary wetting ability to both metallic and non-metallic surfaces

Based on the company’s proprietary manufacturing process, Indium Corporation will also be featuring solder thermal interface material (sTIM) for ball grid array (BGA) packages, specifically its indium-silver (InAg) alloys which offer lower voiding compared to pure indium for BGA packages that undergo multiple SAC reflows after the initial TIM-assembly.

To learn more about Indium Corporation’s thermal management solutions, visit our experts at SEMI-THERM.