AVer Introduces FONE700 Speakerphone with 3D Audio Tracking

AVer Information Inc., an award-winning provider of video conferencing solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of our latest ceiling speakerphone system, the FONE700. Suitable for rooms of any size, the FONE700’s cutting-edge technology allows for seamless integration of our suite of audio-visual products. The state-of-the-art 3D Audio Tracking system allows for pinpoint audio-visual accuracy, ensuring optimal performance to meet your conferencing needs.

The FONE700 offers unique 3D Audio Tracking technology, which pinpoints and tracks the exact location of each speaker and adjusts the camera for optimal view through the CAM550 Conference Camera. Setup takes only four easy steps, and once complete, no further input is required.

The FONE700 System includes a full duplex acoustic apparatus for the optimal meeting experience. A single daisy chain can connect up to four speakerphones for flexible installation and versatile connectivity. With no need to worry about sockets, users can enjoy a truly clutter-free configuration.

The FONE700 ceiling speakerphone boasts advanced features including Noise Suppression, Double-Talk Detection, and De-Reverberation, ensuring crystal-clear audio in any environment. With its state-of-the-art technology, it minimizes background noise, detects simultaneous speech, and reduces echo, providing unparalleled audio clarity.

The FONE700 connectivity hub enables seamless integration of our full suite of audio-visual products, including external speakers and cameras, as well as external devices such as monitors and Bluetooth equipment. The system can be adjusted via your preferred web browser and with the PTZApp 2, AVer’s innovative value-added free software for meeting collaboration.

To learn more about AVer’s award-winning lineup of video conferencing cameras, visit https://www.aver.com/solution/video-conferencing-business-communication.