Join the 20th Annual Fab Lab Conference & Symposium

Since 2005, members of the international Fab Lab community—a network of more than 2,700 Labs stretching across the globe—have gathered annually to share their work and findings in the fields of advanced manufacturing, digital technology, innovation, and sustainability. FAB24 México will be the 20th edition of the annual Fab Lab Conference & Symposium, a platform for knowledge exchange designed to foster connections and partnerships between innovators of the international maker movement and local communities to shape a brighter collective future.

This landmark event is made possible through the collaboration of the Fab Foundation, MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms (CBA), Instituto de Diseño e Innovación Tecnológica (IDIT) IBERO Puebla, the Fab City Global Initiative, and a regional consortium of government agencies in Puebla, Mexico. Today, the group extends an open invitation to any organization interested in partnering to support the event and becoming part of the Fab Lab community.

Over the years, hundreds of partners across a broad spectrum of global innovators and changemakers have worked alongside the Fab Foundation, including: government agencies, such as USAID, American Center Cairo, German Cooperation, CORFO, and LOJIQ; industry leaders, such as Chevron, Airbus, GE Ventures, Groupe Renault, and ArchDaily; and cutting-edge technology companies, such as SOLIDWORKS, Seeed Studio, ShopBot, Brother, and Trotec. These longstanding relationships have deepened the social, academic, economic, environmental, and technical impact of countless historic initiatives.

Such collaborations have also provided direct support for the annual international FABx event, expanding access to knowledge for new community members around the world and ensuring the availability of needed technology for hands-on workshops demonstrating novel ways to remake traditional industries. At FAB24, supporting stakeholders will have the chance to interact deeply with members of the Fab Lab Network, identifying synergies and shared goals to foster future collaboration. Together, they will construct a roadmap for the development of groundbreaking solutions for concerns related to business leadership, philanthropic initiatives, distributed manufacturing, support for entrepreneurship, academic research, education practices, and more.

This international conference is expected to attract thousands of participants from various disciplines and industries. Leveraging the combined strength of local and global networks, the event will bring together a pioneering community to explore the transformative power of social innovation, education, industry 4.0, circular economies, and sustainability while showcasing Mexico’s culture and entrepreneurial spirit on the world stage. Participants will engage in a collective effort to promote equity and social justice at a global scale by co-developing innovative solutions for social problems that can be implemented in local contexts everywhere.

The unique format of the event offers myriad opportunities for supporters to engage with the Fab Lab community, contributing to the development of the digital manufacturing industry and strengthening the network of professionals working in health, design, engineering, social movements, and many other fields. This is a chance for new partners to learn about global innovation and advanced technology through the exchange of ideas while also contributing directly to the global creative community’s efforts, expanding the reach of the international Fab Lab Network and laying the groundwork for future collaborative projects.