Gemini AI’s App Debut Month Sees 633k Installs, Trailing ChatGPT by 1 Million

Generative AI models have swiftly surged in the tech sector, each striving to outperform the other. As reported by, Gemini AI’s app garnered 633K installs in its debut month. However, these numbers placed Gemini behind ChatGPT’s debut by a notable margin of 1 million installs. ChatGPT registered over 1.6M downloads during its first month.

Stocklytics financial analyst Edith Reads commented on the data,

Gemini AI’s initial performance, while commendable, highlights the formidable lead established by its rival ChatGPT. Notably, the latter produces more detailed and complex responses to user prompts, demonstrating the importance of continuous advancement and differentiation in today’s rapidly evolving market.

Emergence of Generative AI Models

The chatbot trend started with Microsoft-backed OpenAI’s announcement of ChatGPT-3 in late 2022. Within just five days of its release, it amassed over a million users, establishing itself as the fastest-growing internet service at the time. Later, google decided to release an early version of its AI model, Bard on March 21, 2023. 

ChatGPT and Google Bard received frequent updates throughout 2023, with better availability, language support, and advanced features. OpenAI released its most advanced chatbot version, ChatGPT-4. On the other hand, Bard received its most significant upgrade, Gemini Pro. With the arrival of the Gemini app on Android phones, Google officially rebranded Bard as Gemini.

GPT-4, OpenAI’s latest iteration of its Large Language Model (LLM) was developed following the enormous success and widespread adoption of GPT-3 and GPT-3.5. Compared to previous iterations, GPT-4 is more creative and accurate while also being safer and stabler.

How Does Gemini Compare to ChatGPT?

When compared, the two generative AI models excel in summarization, purchase recommendations, and travel planning tasks. Despite ChatGPT’s established dominance, Gemini’s progress and integration into Google’s ecosystem present a formidable challenge.

Both chatbots boast strikingly similar interfaces and versatile functions to handle a range of queries and tasks. Google’s new paid plan makes it more accessible, especially considering Gemini Pro’s similarity to GPT-4 compared to ChatGPT’s free version.

What sets Gemini apart is its connection to Google’s real-time search results and relevant Google app extensions. Unlike ChatGPT, which has a knowledge cutoff of April 2023, Gemini can respond to users’ queries with current Google search results and data as supporting resources. To enable internet access for ChatGPT, users can use Copilot, which harnesses GPT 4 with Bing search or opt for ChatGPT Plus.