Innovative IoT antennas with LoRa capabilities drive new design

Amphenol RF expands its growing antenna portfolio designed to meet the needs of the LoRA wireless protocol in order to send data with extremely low power over long distances.

Amphenol RF is pleased to announce the expansion of our antenna portfolio with external, spring and embedded chip antennas designed to meet the growing demand for long-range, low-power connectivity solutions. LoRa (Long Range) technology has emerged as a game-changer in the realm of IoT (Internet of Things), enabling devices to transmit data over long distances with minimal power consumption. Amphenol RF’s antennas with LoRa capabilities create robust and reliable IoT networks for a wide range of applications.

Key features of Amphenol RF’s antennas with LoRa capabilities include:

·         Long-range connectivity: Enable communication over distances of several kilometers, making them ideal for applications spanning smart cities, industrial automation, agriculture and asset tracking.

·         Low power consumption: Ensure extended battery life, making them suitable for battery-operated devices deployed in remote or hard-to-reach locations.

·         Robust performance: Maintain reliable connectivity in challenging environments, including urban areas with high levels of interference and industrial settings with harsh conditions.

·         Versatile deployment: Support various LoRa-based protocols and frequency bands, offering flexibility to meet the diverse needs of IoT applications worldwide.

These antennas have changed the way businesses collect, analyze and act on data with their long-range connectivity and low power consumption. They operate in sub-GHz ISM (Industrial Scientific and Medical) band (e.g.,433 MHz, 868 MHz, 915 MHz) which makes them ideal for applications like smart cities, smart agriculture and asset tracking. Amphenol RF’s antennas with LoRa capabilities are available as a standard off-the-shelf solution.

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