SHENMAO Debuts Special Solder Paste for AI Substrate Power Management Modules

SHENMAO Technology proudly presents its latest innovation, the PF719-P250A solder paste, specifically designed for AI substrate power management modules. This cutting-edge solder paste represents a significant advancement in thermal fatigue reliability and performance.

SHENMAO has successfully developed the PF719-P250A solder paste with a focus on delivering high anti-thermal fatigue reliability. This innovative product adopts a newly designed lead-free alloy (Sn/3.9Ag/0.6Cu/3.0Sb) that demonstrates exceptional anti-thermal fatigue performance, meeting the stringent demands of modern electronics manufacturing.

Features of PF719-P250A:
• Halogen-free (ROL0) with no intentionally added halogen, ensuring compliance with RoHS, RoHS 2.0, and REACH standards.
• Outstanding voiding performance, enhancing overall solder joint reliability.
• Superior anti-thermal fatigue performance, ensuring long-term durability in high temperature environments.
• Resistant to multiple reflows, providing consistent performance across various assembly processes.
• Excellent solderability and printability, facilitating smooth and precise application in manufacturing processes.

PF719-P250A has received certification from major power management module manufacturers and has been integrated into the mainstream AI substrate supply chain. Its reliability and performance make it an ideal choice for power management modules in AI applications.

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