Bimos Welcomes Z TECH SERVICES as Newest Representative

Bimos, a leading provider of ergonomic ESD seating solutions, is pleased to announce the appointment of Z TECH SERVICES, INC. as its newest representative. Established in 1993, Z TECH SERVICES serves a wide range of states, including Illinois, Indiana,  Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska, with a dedicated sales staff known for its experience and technical expertise.

With this new partnership, Bimos expands its reach and enhances its ability to serve clients in key regions across the United States. Z TECH SERVICES brings a wealth of knowledge and a commitment to providing efficient and effective sales support to its clients.

Bimos is renowned for its range of ESD seating solutions, including the acclaimed Neon, Nexxit, and Labsit series. These products are specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of the electronics industry, offering unmatched comfort, durability, and ergonomic support. Bimos’ commitment to design innovation, exceptional quality, safety certifications, and ergonomic excellence makes its seating solutions the preferred choice for businesses seeking to invest in the health and productivity of their employees.

“We are excited to welcome Z TECH SERVICES to the Bimos family,” said Mark Scelfo

US Managing Director at Bimos. “Their extensive experience and dedication to customer service align perfectly with our values, and we are confident that together, we will continue to provide outstanding seating solutions to our clients in the electronics industry.”

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