Amtech Celebrates First Anniversary of “Hardware Is Forever” Podcast: Your Source for Expert Insights in Electronics Manufacturing

Amtech Electrocircuits, a leading provider of manufacturing solutions, celebrates the one-year anniversary of its insightful podcast series, “Hardware Is Forever.” In the latest episode, Amtech CEO Jay Patel delves into Deming’s Fourth Point, challenging businesses to prioritize long-term partnerships over short-term gains in procurement strategies.

One of the highlights of year one was a multi-part series focusing on Deming’s 14 points and how following them greatly improves the manufacturing process. This type of deep-dive demonstrates the type of conversations held on the podcast and its reason for being. By sharing Patel’s experiences as a business owner and leader in the field of electronics manufacturing, “Hardware Is Forever” has quickly become a must-listen for the EMS industry and established itself as a valuable resource for manufacturing professionals.

Hosted by moderator Chris Bintliff and featuring industry expert Jay Patel, the podcast series offers expert insights, ideas, and innovations to optimize operations and achieve success in manufacturing.

“As technology evolves, so do the challenges and opportunities in electronics manufacturing,” said Jay Patel, CEO of Amtech Electrocircuits “Our podcast aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice by providing real-world insights and actionable advice from industry leaders. The feedback we get from our listeners is incredible, and every conversation I’ve had this past year seems to start with ‘I was just listening to your podcast and …’ It’s been extremely gratifying, and we are glad that our listeners are finding the value in it.”

Each episode of “Hardware Is Forever” covers a range of topics, including optimization strategies, operational best practices, emerging technologies, and more. With engaging discussions and expert interviews, listeners gain valuable perspectives on navigating the dynamic landscape of electronics manufacturing.

“We believe knowledge is power, and our podcast is designed to empower professionals with the information they need to excel,” added Patel. “Whether you’re interested in process optimization, supply chain management, or the latest industry trends, ‘Hardware Is Forever’ has something for everyone.”

Listeners can tune in to “Hardware Is Forever” on major podcast platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music and YouTube, as well as the podcast website at

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