NextPCB Unveils Latest Addition: Introducing HQDFM Online Lite Edition, a PCB Gerber Viewer

Introducing HQDFM Online Lite Edition, a PCB Gerber Viewer, marks a significant leap in accessibility and convenience for electronic design enthusiasts and professionals alike. With the increasing complexity and miniaturization of electronic components, the demand for intuitive and efficient tools for printed circuit board (PCB) visualization has never been greater. HQDFM Online Lite Edition fulfills this need by providing a user-friendly platform where users can seamlessly upload, view, and analyze Gerber files, the industry-standard format for PCB fabrication data.

In an era where collaboration and remote work are prevalent, the significance of a web-based PCB Gerber viewer cannot be overstated. HQDFM Online Lite Edition empowers users to share designs effortlessly, facilitating smoother communication among team members spread across different geographical locations. Furthermore, its Lite Edition status ensures accessibility to a wider audience, including hobbyists and small-scale projects, thereby democratizing access to advanced PCB visualization tools and fostering innovation in electronics design.

Bridging the Gap: CEO’s Vision for Empowering Designers

“A lot of designers still submit their production files without knowing what’s inside of them. Without the right resources and expertise to troubleshoot the design, resolving problems with the fab house becomes difficult for both parties. “We hope to change this for the benefit of everyone,” stated Alex Chen, CEO of HQ NextPCB.

A totally free online application for viewing and analyzing PCB Gerber files and OBD++ files is called HQDFM Gerber Viewer. It uses Design for Manufacture (DFM) algorithms from HQDFM, which are based on industry standards and NextPCB’s fifteen years of experience in high-reliability manufacturing.

Enhanced Design Evaluation with HQDFM

With HQDFM, designers can examine and assess production files to look for design flaws that could affect manufacturing or result in long-term reliability problems, in contrast to the built-in DRC checks found in EDA tools. Designers are provided with a manufacturer’s viewpoint using HQDFM, which gives them insightful knowledge about how to make their designs better.

Universal Access: Cross-Platform Functionality of HQDFM

The cross-platform, online HQDFM, which is based on the free desktop version, allows everyone, including Mac and Linux users, to use the user-friendly DFM (Design for manufacture) analysis and Gerber Viewer function without the need for downloads, installations, or sign-ups. Anyone can inspect their design in a matter of seconds by freely uploading PCB production files to the web interface.

HQDFM is compatible with Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and PCB Gerber formats X2 and RS-274x, as well as Excellon drill files and OBD++ files.


– Verify for more than 20 Design for Manufacture problems

– Navigate your PCB layer-by-layer

– Free downloadable DFM (Design for manufacture) Report for more detailed analysis

– Easy, one-click ordering with HQ NextPCB

– Free, no sign-up or obligation

What does HQDFM check?

Design for Manufacturability – whether PCB elements are within the capabilities of most manufacturers in the industry, from low-cost quick-turn services to advanced services:

– Trace width/spacing

– Drill hole/slot sizes

– Approvals for copper and board outline components

– Special drill holes

– Solder mask openings and more

Create with Cost in Mind 

– identify production issues that could result in higher lead times or costs:

– Drill hole fees

– Testing fees

– Surface finish fees

– Small trace widths/spacings

– Special drill hole fees

Ensure Reliability in Design

– Find issues that could not have an impact on production but could compromise the boards’ lifespan or regular operation:

– Shorts/opens

– Missing solder mask dams or openings

– Missing/extra pads, drill holes, annular rings


HQ Shenzhen Huaqiu (HQ) Electronics Co. Ltd., a reputable multi-layer PCB maker and assembly house, trades internationally under the names NextPCB and HQ Online. Through a smart quote platform with specialized one-to-one support, they can provide up to 32 layer boards, custom stack-ups, blind and buried vias up to HDI 3, and full turnkey assembly, among other things. Additionally, everyone can receive free, dependable PCB assembly from NextPCB.

Since its founding in 2009, NextPCB has revolutionized and advanced the electronics manufacturing sector thanks to its passion for producing full-featured electronics quickly, dependably, and affordably. The ground-breaking program HQDFM, which allows designers to examine PCB Gerber files and identify design flaws, was created and is maintained by NextPCB. Globally, more than 300,000 users have already selected NextPCB.