SMTO enters partnership with Essemtec in Mexico

Essemtec, a global leader in advanced electronics assembly solutions and a division of Nano Dimension, announces a strategic partnership with SMTO for the Mexican market. The collaboration aims to capitalize on Mexico’s booming electronics manufacturing industry, which has seen a remarkable 30% growth between 2020 and 2023 and is poised for further expansion.

Essemtec’s reputation for cutting-edge solutions aligns perfectly with SMTO’s commitment to service excellence. Together, they offer a compelling proposition to companies in Mexico, providing not only high-performance production tools but also comprehensive after-sales and service support to tackle manufacturing challenges effectively.

Essemtec specializes in developing and manufacturing flexible SMT Assembly machines, glue and solder paste jetting machines, pick-and-place machines, and a range of complementary product lines. It solutions cater to diverse industry needs, emphasizing all-in-one NPI capabilities, efficient low-batch solutions, versatile high-mix low-volume modular line concepts, high-speed dispensing solutions, and advancements in printed electronics. Essemtec’s adaptive approach ensures tailored solutions for unique customer requirements, including intricate volume SMT repairs, positioning the company as a dynamic leader across industries.

Olivier Carnal, General Manager at Essemtec, expresses enthusiasm about the partnership, citing the combined strengths of SMTO’s service excellence and Essemtec’s high-performance production tools as the key to success.

“I am excited about SMTO and Essemtec joining forces. Both companies are well known for their customer focus and agility. With SMTO’s service excellence and Essemtec’s high-performance production tools, we have all the ingredients to be successful,” shared Carnal.

“Through this strategic collaboration with SMTO, we are excited to increase our reach and provide our cutting-edge solutions and enhanced service to an even broader customer base. SMTO’s experience and extensive network, coupled with its strong regional presence and high level of expertise in the electronics industry, makes it an invaluable partner for us. We are confident that SMTO will play a pivotal role in propelling our business expansion forward, in a growing market,” added Enrique Gomez, Area Sale Manager for Mexico, Essemtec.

“At SMTO, we are very happy and confident about our new partnership with Essemtec. By promoting Essemtec’s multifunctional solutions, SMTO will continue to provide state-of-the-art technology for our customers’ manufacturing challenges,” said Adrian Coronado, Sales Account Manager at SMTO Engineering.

The partnership between SMTO and Essemtec signifies a strategic move to harness the opportunities presented by Mexico’s thriving electronics manufacturing sector. With Essemtec’s innovative solutions and SMTO’s localized support, the collaboration is poised to meet the evolving needs of customers in the region effectively.
With almost 10 years presence in Mexico’s market, SMTO Engineering is well known and focused on providing excellence solutions and after-sales support for its varied portfolio that includes machines and solutions for processing, inspecting, and testing electronic products along with automation solutions and functional test.

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