Enabling automotive and iiott tech with pre-configured automate mini-Fakra Cable Assemblies

Amphenol RF expands its AUTOMATE Mini-FAKRA cable assemblies portfolio with additional configurations designed for automotive and industrial applications requiring high data transfer rates.

Amphenol RF is pleased to expand our AUTOMATE Mini-FAKRA cable assembly portfolio with additional pre-configured cable assemblies. These assemblies are available in straight single, dual or quad port mini-FAKRA jack to jack configurations and are designed on flexible RG-174 cables. AUTOMATE assemblies support data transmission rates up to 20 Gbps which makes them ideal for automotive and industrial IoT applications which require high data transfer rates to communicate information for safety, performance and entertainment without lag.

AUTOMATE Type A mini-FAKRA connectors are constructed with a closed entry cable interface which limits the size of mating parts to prevent contact damage during mating. They also provide a secondary locking mechanism known as terminal position assurance or TPA that ensures the body and contact are retained and fully seated in the housing. These connectors provide reliable electrical performance up to 9 GHz with low engagement forces for secure mating and easy installation. The rugged, impact-resistance body allows them to be utilized in harsh environments such as vehicles and factory settings.

The AUTOMATE cable assembly is available in a variety of lengths from six inches to 12 meters, and in the universally keyed Z code which allows them to mate with all other key codes. These assemblies are fully compatible with existing mini-FAKRA connectors and ideal for 360° surround view cameras, ECUs and compute modules, autonomous vehicles, warehouse robotics, advanced driver assistance systems, infotainment, GPS navigation and V2X communication.

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