Solder Chemistry to Participate in the Fraunhofer Future Packaging Production Line at SMTconnect

Solder Chemistry, a trusted brand for over 30 years now powered by Indium Corporation, will feature its complete suite of services for PCBA as part of the prestigious Fraunhofer Future Packaging Production Line exhibition at SMTconnect, June 11-13, in Nuremberg, Germany. Celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2024, Solder Chemistry is committed to maintaining its flexible, customer-oriented structure to deliver the same quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction for which it has become renowned. 

Organized by the Fraunhofer IZM, the live production line is an industry-renowned collaboration among various equipment manufacturers, material providers, component suppliers, and research institutes. Inaugurated in 1997, the 26th edition of the joint effort will examine how a higher degree of digitalization and automation can make production processes more robust and responsive to disruptions and external influences.

The exhibition provides visitors with an invaluable opportunity to find customizable solutions for their unique production challenges. In addition to one-on-one discussions, technology breakfasts, and consultation hours, line tours are offered three times daily in both English and German throughout the show.

Solder Chemistry’s BLF083, a lead-free, no-clean paste designed for excellent soldering results with a wide range of process conditions, will be featured on the Future Packaging production line. BLF083 offers outstanding low-voiding, slump, and solder beading resistance, as well as high-temperature stability, long-term processing and standing time. BLF083 paste delivers:

  • Low-voiding performance
  • Excellent low-to medium-speed printing
  • High tackiness
  • Good response-to-pause
  • Low beading
  • Clear residue
  • Easy cleanability

“It is an honor for Solder Chemistry’s BLF083 to be featured on the Fraunhofer line at SMTconnect,” said Werner Wagner, General Manager Indium Advanced Materials GmbH.

“The line is a highlight of the show and provides an invaluable opportunity for attendees to interact with cutting-edge manufacturing processes and technologies in a simulated real-world environment.”

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