STMicroelectronics and Point One Navigation Webinar

With the rise of applications demanding centimeter-accurate positioning, advancements in low-cost GNSS hardware and RTK corrections technology are driving significant growth. Once primarily used for surveying and agriculture, these innovations now enable various industries to integrate highly accurate, available, and cost-effective precision location into their products.

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In this session, you’ll explore the latest hardware and software enhancements in positioning, including Multi Constellation, Multi Band, and Corrections delivered via Satellite. Learn how these advancements achieve superior precision without extensive setup or network requirements. Additionally, we’ll introduce a new low-cost solution set to revolutionize the adoption of precision technology due to its scalability and affordability.

Increasing precise solution adoption demands state-of-the-art GNSS receivers, RTK Fusion engines, and Corrections systems. ST and Point One Navigation are proud to offer a very low-cost complete solution that is easy to design in and activate for products coming to production in 2025 and beyond. The Teseo5MCML is a module solution coupled with Point One Navigation’s RTK Fusion Engine and L-band SDR running on a Raspberry Pi, as well as leveraging their Polaris Corrections Network.

Key Takeaways:

  • Enhancing Position Accuracy: Understand how MultiConstellation and MultiBand technologies improve positioning accuracy and availability.
  • Systemic Error Reduction: Discover which Corrections mitigate specific systemic errors.
  • Implementing RTK and Satellite Systems: Learn the implementation details of Network RTK and L-band Satellite systems.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: Explore the hardware and firmware components of a complete, representative solution.
  • Enabling New Applications: See how these solutions can unlock new functionalities across diverse applications.

There will be a live Q&A session at the end of the webinar where experienced engineers will be available to answer your questions.

Who are the instructors?

Mike Slade – Technical Marketing Engineer, STMicroelectronics

Mike Slade started working on GNSS software and algorithms in 2000 at Motorola’s Mobile Devices Lab, then joined the ST Teseo team in 2007, where he has done product software development, applications, strategic technical marketing, and program management.

Aaron Nathan  – CEO & Founder, Point One Navigation
Aaron is CEO of Point One Navigation, with over two decades of experience in robotics and software/hardware development. He has deep domain experience in sensor fusion, computer vision, navigation, and embedded systems, specifically in the context of robotic applications.