Accu-Assembly Inc. Expands Component Storage Management with AccuLiFT and AccuCart Products

Accu-Assembly Inc., a leading industrial automation company, is excited to announce the availability of two new advanced component storage systems: the automated component reel storage tower, AccuLiFT, and the AccuCart smart rack component reel storage system. These products are designed to streamline and optimize the storage and management of SMT component reels, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in manufacturing processes.

Introducing AccuLiFT

The AccuLiFT is based on the traditional Vertical Lift Module (VLM) storage system but comes with specialized features to handle SMT component reels. This innovative design allows the AccuLiFT to reach heights of up to 16.8 feet (5.1 meters) while maintaining a compact footprint, capable of storing up to 8,000 small (7 inches diameter) reels.

Key features of the AccuLiFT include:

  • Flexible Storage Configuration: The patented pallet system enables users to easily change the mix of large and small reel storage. The mix of reel tape thickness can also be reconfigured at any time.
  • Automated Loading and Unloading: The included robot is designed specifically for the AccuLiFT to minimize labor required for loading and unloading reels, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Made in the USA: The AccuLiFT is proudly designed and manufactured in the United States, ensuring high quality and reliability.

Introducing AccuCart

The AccuCart is a smart rack storage system for SMT component reels, featuring LED indicators that quickly identify the reels ordered by the operator. This system uses a patented opto-mechanical switch to detect when reels are placed or removed from the shelves, requiring only one-hand operation for ease of use.

Key features of the AccuCart include:

  • Adjustable Slot Width: Unique to the AccuCart, the width of the slots on the shelves can be reconfigured to accommodate reels of different tape widths.
  • Multiple Configurations: The AccuCart is available in three configurations: small reel and large reel stationary units, and a small mobile unit with a mix of large and small reels for line-side storage.

Seamless Integration and Inventory Management

Both the AccuLiFT and AccuCart use the same database to manage inventory, maximizing storage flexibility and ensuring inventory accuracy. This integration supports Just-in-Time (JIT) delivery, which is critical for efficient manufacturing operations. Accu-Assembly Inc. is dedicated to providing advanced solutions that address all aspects of SMT component reel management. For more information about Accu-Assembly Inc. and its new component storage solutions, please visit