MetaGuru Launches “Next-gen Smart Hotel Solution” at Computex, Targeting APAC’s Green Hotel Market

MetaGuru, the first MetaAge subsidiary (6112.TW) to expand its business into the Asia Pacific (APAC), will debut its “Next-generation Smart Hotel Solution” at Computex 2024, promoting the multilingual system that is 100% dedicated to the hotel industry.

MetaGuru CEO Leo Hsiao stated that MetaGuru ’s Business Process Management (BPM), Human Resource Management (HRM), and other systems have already successfully landed in the APAC. The company’s next step is to leverage the crucial geographical advantage and set eyes on the enormous business opportunities in the green transformation of the region’s hotels by empowering the hotel industry’s entry into the supply chain of low-carbon sustainable tourism.

MetaGuru debuts its “Next-generation Smart Hotel Solution” at Computex
MetaGuru, a subsidiary of MetaAge—a leading IT Partner in Taiwan—has a long history of enterprise process management and development. MetaGuru will be showcasing its Smart Enterprise (Smart Hotel) solutions at Booth L0118 in the BenQ Qisda Group’s Computex AI NOW exhibition area, located on the fourth floor of Hall 1, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center from June 4 to June 7. This partnership aims to create a smarter and more sustainable future and pave a precise path towards green transformation for the hotel industry.

AI, Big Data synergy supercharges New Smart Green Hotel Solution
MetaGuru CEO Leo Hsiao pointed out that the hotel industry is in urgent need of technologies such as Cloud, AI, Big Data, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to expand post-pandemic supply capacity, mitigate labor shortage, and reinforce a positive cycle of customer acquisition to improve the level of revenue generation. MetaGuru’s “Next-generation Smart Hotel Solution” is a multilingual steward system that is 100% dedicated to the hotel industry. This synergy of AI, Big Data, RPA, and other prominent technologies offers related industries in the APAC a smart and green hotel solution with supercharged advantages and a fully connected front-end and back-end, which aims to resolve the worsening labor shortage and promote green transformation in the hotel industry.

Empowering the APAC hotel industry in digital transformation, mitigating the structural challenge of labor shortage
MetaGuru, with nearly four decades of experience in the IT industry, has been proactively integrating MetaAge technology resources in recent years. The company adopts the flexible and transnational AWS cloud technology with robust cybersecurity to empower the APAC hotel industry in cloud migration and service transformations. MetaGuru incorporates technologies, such as AI, into the daily operations of the hotel industry, facilitating related businesses in the creation of high-quality customer experience and a positive cycle of customer acquisition. The company also injects a “digital workforce” into the industry, resolving the industry’s challenge of the century in labor shortage. Moreover, it solves the ever-mounting IT operations pressure on the industry, which has 90% of its systems on-premise.

MetaGuru—first MetaAge subsidiary in the APAC market
MetaGuru started with a focus on core enterprise application systems such as BPM, HRM, and the manufacturing execution system (MES). Not only has the company achieved successful cases with over 5,000 enterprises in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, and other locations, it is also the first MetaAge subsidiary to have expanded its business into the APAC. In recent years, MetaGuru has been developing and promoting the Carbon Process Tracking System—“iCarbon Cloud”—and has already become a seasoned veteran in assisting major industries build agile and flexible “green operation processes”.

MetaGuru—providing robust support for the APAC hotel industry in green transformation
According to the statistics from the Taiwan Tourism Administration, the labor shortage in the Taiwan hotel industry is at least 8,000 workers, and the declining birth rate continues to impact related industries. In light of this, MetaGuru is dedicated to providing customized digital transformation strategies to domestic and overseas three- to five-star hotels, hostels, bed and breakfasts, and other businesses. The strategies include a year-round 24-hour and diverse “eSTAY” smart hotel service system that consists of three modules: the Advanced preCheck-in System (APS), the Hospitality eRegister System, and the Smart Steward System (3S); it also offers AI recruitment, a light-weight part-time staff attendance and salary calculator back-end, and other systems. Leo Hsiao indicated that MetaGuru will continue to provide robust support for the APAC hotel industry in green transformation, empowering related industries’ entry into the low-carbon sustainable tourism supply chain.

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