Optocouplers in the TME product catalogue – reliable quality

Example applications of the Everlight products.

Everlight offers many series of optocouplers. The company’s solutions are known for the high quality and excellent performance, which makes them suitable for various applications. The Everlight optocouplers meet all the requirements for the application in control systems, power meters, telecommunication, drive systems, etc.

  • Optocouplers in motor drive systems
  • Optocouplers communication buses
  • Optocouplers in lift control systems
  • Optocouplers in energy meters

Optocouplers comprise a light emitter and a receiver. Light (visible, infrared) is the signal carrier. The main function of optocouplers is to ensure galvanic isolation between the input and output circuits. Optocouplers are used in control equipment, power meters, communication equipment, and power supply systems. They improve the interference suppressing capability of the system, as well as its reliability and stability.

Optocouplers in motor drive systems

Optocouplers play a key role in controlling motor drive systems by providing galvanic isolation between various circuits. Using them enhances the overall system safety, thanks to the fact that the low-voltage control circuit become separated from the high-voltage power supply circuit. This, in turn, results in minimising the interference, reducing the risk of damage due to voltage spikes, and contributes to the system safety. The main aim of such “inductive control” is to ensure protection against voltage spikes.

Optocouplers can also be used in control systems that monitor motor operation as a feedback element. Here, analogue optocouplers make it possible to obtain feedback on the motor voltage and current, while digital optocouplers are used as feedback elements from the encoders to ensure precise motor control.

The Everlight product range includes optocouplers for drive systems:

Product symbolOptocoupler typeOutput typeEnclosureNumber of channelsIsolation voltageCollector-emitter voltageCTR@IfVoltage increase speed
4N25-EVEoptocouplertransistorDIP615 kV80 V20%
@10 mA
4N26-EVEoptocouplertransistorDIP615 kV80 V20%
@10 mA
4N27-EVEoptocouplertransistorDIP615 kV80 V10%
@10 mA
4N35-EVEoptocouplertransistorDIP615 kV80 V100%
@10 mA
4N36-EVEoptocouplertransistorDIP615 kV80 V100%
@10 mA
CNY17-3-EVEoptocouplertransistorDIP615 kV80 V100-200%
@10 mA
CNY17F-2-EVEoptocouplertransistorDIP615 kV80 V63-125%
@10 mA
EL357N-GoptocouplertransistorSOP413.75 kV80 V50-600%
@ 5 mA
EL3H7-GoptocouplertransistorSSOP413.75 kV80 V50-600%
@ 5 mA
EL816optocouplertransistorDIP415 kV80 V50-600%
@ 5 mA
EL3021optotriactriacDIP615 kV  100 V/μs
EL3061optotriaczero-crossing circuitDIP615 kV  1 kV/μs
EL3063optotriaczero-crossing circuitDIP615 kV  1 kV/μs
EL3081optotriaczero-crossing circuitDIP615 kV  600 V/μs

Optocouplers in communication buses

Optocouplers in communication buses are used as components isolating different system circuits to protect the control components from interferences generated by other parts of the system (peripherals, sensors connected to the bus).

Optocouplers must meet time-related application requirements, i.e. ensure the required data transmission speed. They facilitate adjusting the voltage between the control circuit and data transmission line.

Product symbolOptocoupler typeOutput typeEnclosureNumber of channelsIsolation voltageCollector-emitter voltageCTR@If
EL815optocouplerDarlington configurationDIP415 kV35 V600-7500% @ 1 mA

Optocouplers in lift control systems

Optocouplers play an important role in lift control systems, ensuring electric isolation between various components, in order to enhance the degree of safety and reliability. These elements effectively separate control signals to isolate low-voltage control circuits from high-voltage power supply circuits (lift motor drives) to ensure their precise and safe operation. Moreover, optocouplers are used in position or speed feedback systems. Due to the fact that this is a critical application, the components must be fully reliable, so they come with UL, cUL, VDE, SEMKO, NEMKO, DEMKO, and FIMKO certificates.

Article symbolOptocoupler typeOutput typeEnclosureNumber of channelsVoltage increase speedIsolation voltage
6N137-EVEoptocouplerlogicalDIP81 5 kV
6N138-EVEoptocouplerDarlington configurationDIP811 kV/μs5 kV
6N139-EVEoptocouplerDarlington configurationDIP811 kV/μs5 kV
EL2631optocouplerlogicalDIP8220 kV/μs5 kV

Optocouplers in energy meters

Optocouplers also provide galvanic isolation in energy meter applications. Moreover, they are used as feedback elements in the system, i.e. analogue optocouplers provide information on the parameters such as system voltage and current, guaranteeing accurate energy consumption measurement results. On the other hand, digital optocouplers ensure control over correct meter operation by, for example, providing information from the encoders.

Product symbolOptocoupler typeOutput typeEnclosureNumber of channelsIsolation voltageCTR@IfCollector-emitter voltage
6N137-EVEoptocouplerlogicalDIP815 kV  
4N25-EVEoptocouplertransistorDIP615 kV20% @ 10 mA80 V
4N26-EVEoptocouplertransistorDIP615 kV20% @ 10 mA80 V
4N27-EVEoptocouplertransistorDIP615 kV10% @ 10 mA80 V
4N35-EVEoptocouplertransistorDIP615 kV100% @ 10 mA80 V
4N36-EVEoptocouplertransistorDIP615 kV100% @ 10 mA80 V
CNY17-3-EVEoptocouplertransistorDIP615 kV100-200% @ 10 mA80 V
6N138-EVEoptocouplerDarlington configurationDIP815 kV300-2000% @ 1.6 mA 
6N139-EVEoptocouplerDarlington configurationDIP815 kV400-2500% @ 0.5 mA 

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