Silanna UV Launches New 235nm Quad High-Power Far-UVC LED at ICFUST 2024 in Scotland

Mercury-Free UV LED Source with ESD Protection in a Compact 6.8mm Package

News Highlights

  • Silanna announces new Quad High-Power Far ultraviolet LED (far-UVC)
  • 235nm UV-C LED to be launched at ICFUST 2024 in June
  • Environmentally friendly and mercury free
  • Compact and cost effective 6.8mm package
  • On-package ESD protection
  • Wide UV viewing and exposure angle of over 125°
  • A typical output power of 3mW at 30mA

Silanna UV will launch a new 235nm Quad High-Power far-UVC LED at the International Congress on Far-UVC Science and Technology 2024 (ICFUST) this June. As a sponsor of the event, which takes place at the University of St Andrews in Scotland from June 19 to 21, Silanna UV will showcase their latest deep-UVC and far-UVC LED innovations.

New, Compact High-Power Far UVC LED

The SF1-3M1FWL1 is a high-power, far-UVC emitting device, with a peak wavelength of 235nm in a compact LED package, enabling a variety of new applications and potential markets. This innovative 235nm UV LED is extremely effective for surface disinfection, air purification, medical device sterilization, home appliance sterilization, and liquid chromatography.

Silanna UV’s new component, protected by a US patent, offers a typical viewing angle of 125 degrees and a typical output power of over 3mW at 30mA.

SF1-3M1FWL1 UV LED Benefits and Applications

Unlike the outdated UV lamps still used in many high-value critical applications and legacy situations, Silanna UV’s easy-to-implement LED replacements shine with superior energy efficiency and cooler operation. Free of mercury, these LEDs offer significant environmental and regulatory advantages. Moreover, their robustness greatly reduces maintenance and replacement costs.

The Surface Mount (SMD) SF1-3M1FWL1 UV LED component provides flexibility for application design and assembly. Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection is integrated in the UV LED’s small-footprint 6.8 square mm package. Standard Tape and Reel or Gel-Pak packing options are available for manufacturers and users while Silanna UV also offers pre-solder on a starboard for an eco-friendly evaluation.

Sponsor For Far-UVC Technology Event at St Andrews, Scotland

ICFUST 2024 is the only three-day congress dedicated to Far-UVC technology. This pivotal global gathering bridges the gap between cutting-edge research and industry, by connecting researchers, innovators, and policymakers from around the world. This year, ICFUST takes place at the historic and renowned St Andrews University in Scotland, UK. The event will address emerging challenges across sectors including public health, drinking water, wastewater treatment, air pollution, hospital infections, ballast water treatment, and industrial effluent management. Silanna UV is proud to be a sponsor of this unique event.

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