Diodes Inc. Launches 13.5Gbps High-Speed Video Switch

Diodes Incorporated announces the PI3WVR41310, a 13.5Gbps high-speed video switch. The device enables increased resolution and refresh rates in next-generation commercial displays, gaming monitors, docking stations, video-matrix switches, and embedded applications.

The PI3WVR41310 four-lane video switch operates as a 3:1 multiplexer or 1:3 demultiplexer. With insertion loss of -1.8dB at 13.5Gbps, and a -3dB bandwidth of 10GHz, the switch supports connections such as DisplayPort™ 2.1 up to the ultra-high bit rate UHBR13.5 specification, including HDMI 2.1 and other emerging and proprietary standards.

The device also allows a wide signal-voltage range, with a common-mode voltage from 0V to the supply rail, which enables multi-standard, DC-coupled operations. By eliminating AC-coupling capacitors, DC coupling saves space in densely populated PCB designs and enhances signal integrity. Designed for use in high-speed video signaling applications, the PI3WVR41310 also ensures low signal-return loss with low channel-to-channel crosstalk, low off-channel isolation, and low bit-to-bit skew.

To aid proper configuration and communication between connected devices, there are dedicated display-data-channel/auxiliary-channel (DDC/AUX) pins and hot-plug detection (HPD) pins that allow equipment to automatically recognize when connections are made.

Housed in a 52-pin leadless package with a 3.5mm x 9mm footprint that saves space and helps lower PCB costs, the PI3WVR41310 is available at $1.65 in 3,500-piece quantities.