Odyssey Electronics Boosts PCB Quality with MIRTEC MV-6 AOI Machine

The Murray Percival Company, the premier manufacturer’s rep in the Midwest and one of the longest tenured distributors in the electronics industry, is pleased to announce the recent sale of the advanced MIRTEC MV-6 Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) machine to Odyssey Electronics. This strategic investment, facilitated by Matt Percival, underscores Odyssey’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to improve process efficiency and product quality for their end customers.

For nearly 16 years, Odyssey Electronics has navigated the challenges of 2D AOI systems, seeking a solution that marries user-friendliness with high-speed inspections while addressing inherent limitations. The MIRTEC MV-6 represents a pivotal advancement, offering an intuitive interface, rapid setup, and groundbreaking 3D inspection capabilities that significantly enhance defect detection and SMT manufacturing processes.

Kristopher K. Blomgren, AOI Inspections Director at Odyssey Electronics, reflects on the decision to choose the MIRTEC MV-6, highlighting the role of The Murray Percival Company in the selection process: “Our journey to improve our AOI capabilities led us to the MIRTEC MV-6, a decision greatly influenced by the expertise and support of Matt Percival and The Murray Percival Company. Their understanding of our process challenges and their hands-on approach in demonstrating the MV-6’s capabilities directly addressed our needs. This investment not only streamlines our inspection workflows but also directly benefits our end customers by ensuring higher quality and reliability in our products. The Murray Percival Company has been instrumental in helping us enhance our process, ultimately allowing us to invest more effectively in technology that supports our commitment to quality and efficiency.”

This acquisition is a testament to Odyssey Electronics’ dedication to adopting technologies that meet the increasing demands of the electronics industry. By integrating the MIRTEC MV-6 into their PCB assembly process, Odyssey Electronics is setting a new standard for quality and efficiency, ensuring that they remain at the forefront of the industry and continue to deliver exceptional value to their clients.

The partnership with The Murray Percival Company highlights a shared commitment to providing customer-focused solutions that drive success. This collaboration is a prime example of how strategic investments in technology can create tangible improvements in manufacturing processes, benefiting not just the company but also their end customers.

Odyssey Electronics invites industry partners and clients to witness firsthand the improvements and efficiencies gained from the MIRTEC MV-6 AOI machine, reaffirming their position as a technology-driven leader in the PCB assembly services sector.

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