Loccioni at PCIM 2024: at the heart of power electronics

Nurnberg, June 13-16 2024, Hall 5, 332

Italian company Loccioni, world leader in designing and manufacturing testing and quality control systems, will participate to PCIM, the international event for power electronics and its applications.
Loccioni designs and manufactures high tech testing and quality control systems, both for laboratory and for the production line. The measure competence is applied in different sectors, from home appliances to automotive, from energy to aerospace and healthcare. The mission is to improve the well-being of people and the planet, improving the quality, safety and sustainability of products used every day.

Since the ‘70s Loccioni has been working for the automotive sector, facing continuous technological shifts: from petrol or diesel injectors in the thermal propulsion engines, to the testing of electronic control units, power electronics, inverters, and power modules.

Working with the best in class, Loccioni has developed more and more competences and experience, becoming a world expert in the testing of the e-mobility components; electric motors and axels, batteries and cells, inverters, and power modules.

Elektra is a test system designed for the first time to test the inverter of LaFerrari. Since then,over 100 Elektra systems have been installed around the world in the labs and production lines of the leader Tier One and OEM among which Marelli, Bosch, Audi, Volvo. Flexibility, the continuous inclusion of young people, the network with universities and the challenges of leading customers, have been the keys to reach the heart of the e-mobility: the power module, based on SiC and GaN semiconductors.
Loccioni provides modular and customized solutions for power module handling and testing.

The testers are configurable for mass-production or for R&D laboratory, able to run dynamic tests, static tests, and isolation test, to guarantee the quality and reliability under actual working conditions. Specifically designed for the power module industry, an upgraded Elektra test bench has been developed to perform a system level test. The measurement is carried on while simulating the real conditions of the power module inside the inverter in a riding car. A digital twin of the vehicle interfaces with the real power module and the system can measure current, tension, temperature even in extreme conditions. It is as if four different test benches were integrated in one only system.

In order to do this Loccioni has developed the Electronic Motor Emulator, that, through a perfect simulation of the car motor, applies on the power module a real load, before it gets integrated in the inverter. This and other innovations will be displayed at PCIM, where Loccioni electronic team will show to the power electronic community its test systems both for laboratory and for the production line, end of line testing and automatic handling systems, all integrated in one smart