Netskope Revolutionizes SaaS Security Leveraging the Power of Generative AI

Netskope One platform raises the bar on security efficacy by enabling organizations to categorize data security risks across tens of thousands of apps faster and more granularly

Netskope, a leader in Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), announced groundbreaking SaaS security enhancements to Netskope One, its cloud-native platform that offers converged security and networking services to enable SASE and zero trust transformation. These new enhancements advance the platform’s already industry-leading Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) module with additional features designed for the era of Generative AI (genAI) and SaaS collaboration. Netskope One natively integrates SSPM, inline, and API CASB functionalities together with a suite of AI capabilities, enabling organizations to get the most out of SaaS applications while proactively protecting sensitive data, whenever and wherever it travels.

SaaS apps are the backbone of productive enterprise business operations and require the most granular risk visibility possible—especially as genAI app adoption skyrockets. Netskope’s 2024 Cloud and Threat Report found that enterprise employees interact with an average of between 11-33 cloud apps per month and saw genAI app usage increase by 400% year over year. The increased reliance on these apps, and their more consistent usage, is putting a significant strain on legacy CASB solutions, which tend to rely on manually-intensive approaches for identifying applications and classifying their specific risks. Furthermore, many of these outdated tools are more difficult and complicated to manage and fail to provide the deeper intelligence and richer context needed to consistently discover and take action on current and emerging data security risks.

As a natively converged platform, Netskope One helps teams reduce security gaps, address new risks, reduce cost and complexity, increase protection, and accelerate everything to everywhere. In addition to being the industry’s first SSE leader to leverage genAI in SaaS security, Netskope also leverages the platform’s advanced, context-driven data loss prevention (DLP), and provides an easy-to-manage solution that delivers the industry’s:

  • First genAI-powered CASB, which employs precise genAI algorithms for automatic risk scoring of new and previously unseen SaaS apps, on-demand risk categorization for novel SaaS applications identified by security teams, and LLM-driven risk insights for SaaS applications, simply available via natural language queries
  • Most advanced and context-driven cloud DLP, covering over 1,800+ different file types, leveraging over 3,000+ data identifiers, ML and deep learning, AI, Natural Language Processing (NLP), convolutional neural-networks and groundbreaking trainable ML for data classification and much more
  • Best-unified and most-automated platform aimed at making SaaS security management effortless and undemanding, thanks to shared risk intelligence across CASB inline, API and SSPM, a unified dashboard with deep visibility into users and privileges, natively unified policy framework, and ML-driven alert prioritization using risk correlation

“As a recognized leader in SASE and zero trust, Netskope provides a modern approach to SaaS security, including unprecedented capabilities that unite key SSE controls and collation of intelligence,” said John Martin, Chief Product Officer, Netskope. “Netskope One is the first converged platform that uses AI to keep pace with the SaaS and genAI app explosion, categorizing new apps and their risks faster, more granularly, and more accurately than any other solution in the market.” To learn more about how the Netskope One platform is helping enterprises decode the modern language of the cloud and identify emerging data risks, visit here.