SHENMAO Develops Thermal Fatigue-Resistant Solder Paste PF918-P250 for High-Reliability Requirements

SHENMAO Technology proudly announces the development of its new thermal fatigue-resistant solder paste, PF918-P250. Designed to meet high-reliability requirements, PF918-P250 offers advanced features and superior performance for electronic products requiring exceptional durability.

Features of PF918-P250:

  • Halogen-free (ROL0): No halogen intentionally added, ensuring compliance with RoHS, RoHS 2.0, and REACH regulations.
  • Excellent voiding performance: Minimizes void formation, enhancing solder joint integrity.
  • Good printability: Ensures consistent and precise application in various manufacturing processes.
  • New SHENMAO Alloy: Exhibits excellent thermal fatigue resistance, significantly improving reliability in thermal shock and thermal cycling tests.

PF918-P250 is formulated with high-strength solder material, designed for long-service life electronic products with stringent reliability requirements. This solder paste incorporates the newly designed high-reliability lead-free alloy PF918, which boasts a tensile strength performance 1.4 times greater than the typical SAC305 alloy.

Moreover, PF918 demonstrates superior thermal cycling reliability, making it ideal for automotive devices and high-power components with demanding thermal reliability needs. Board-level thermal cycling tests with real automotive IC products reveal that the thermal cycling life of PF918 is twice that of the SAC305 alloy.

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