L-com Launches Bulgin Wired Connectivity Products for Harsh Environments

Offering Includes PEMs, Power and Data Connectors, Switches, and Battery and Fuse Holders

L-com, an Infinite Electronics brand and a supplier of wired and wireless connectivity products, has just added a variety of Bulgin wired connectivity products for harsh environments. They consist of power entry modules, circular power connectors, circular data connectors, push-button switches, battery holders and fuse holders. Bulgin is a renowned designer and manufacturer of environmentally sealed connectors and electronic components.

Most of L-com’s new Bulgin products are made to withstand harsh environments, with ingress protection ratings such as IP69K, IP68 and IP66. This makes them ideal for applications such as industrial, commercial, marine/wastewater, transportation, medical, agricultural and food processing.

The flange-mount power entry modules (PEMs) are C14 style AC outlets with a choice of 6.3 mm quick-connect or 2.8 mm solder terminal connections. Each has a spare fuse-holder for immediate replacement when needed.

The Bulgin circular power connectors come in mating plug-and-socket pairs, with options for 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 12 or 25 contact configurations. They have either an IP68 or a food-processing-grade IP69K rating with waterproof wiring. They handle up to 12 amps and 277 volts.

The circular data connectors are inline or chassis-mount and come in Ethernet or USB versions. They have either an IP68 or IP69K rating with waterproof wiring. Other advantages include a damage-resistant alignment feature and EMI protection for noise immunity.

The Bulgin panel-mount push-button switches are panel-sealed to IP66 or IP68 specifications. They are a single-contact push design, have integral supply resistors and TVS protection, and are vandal-resistant. Their bright daylight LEDs come in several color options and LED ring illumination.

The removable/latching drawer-style battery holders include options for AA, C, D, or nine-volt (PP3) batteries, and they can be wired in series or in pairs. Mounting options cover PCB, panel or base. There are multi-up versions for holding multiple batteries at once.

The snap-fit-mount Bulgin fuse-holders handle fuse sizes 5 x 20 mm and protect them with panel-sealed IP68 or IP66 ratings. They feature a captive drawer, integral protection against electric shock, and bayonet screwdriver release.

“You get the best of two worlds with this wide new offering,” said Product Line Manager Dan Rebeck. “You get products made by Bulgin, which is renowned for its designs that stand up to severe environments. And you get L-com’s unrivaled fast delivery and customer service.”

L-com’s new Bulgin wired connectivity products for harsh environments are in stock now and available for immediate shipment.