Tenstorrent Licenses Baya Systems’ Fabric into next generation AI and Compute Chiplet Solutions

Tenstorrent and Baya Systems announced that Tenstorrent has licensed Baya’s customizable WeaveIP™ fabric to scale its AI and RISC-V chiplet solutions. Baya’s IP and software flow enables Tenstorrent and its partners to analyze, customize and deploy its intelligent compute platform for current and future workloads and deliver highly scalable chiplet solutions to meet the emerging demand.

“Baya makes great, comprehensive fabric tools. Their tools start with top level architecture then allow us to plan at a detail level including performance modeling, transport, quality of service and cache coherency," said Tenstorrent CEO Jim Keller. “This, coupled with their visualization tools, enables designers to build next generation chips, chiplets and IP. This data-driven, correct by construction fabric IP delivers the performance and scale needed for Tenstorrent’s chiplet-based solutions.”

Baya Systems’ WeaveIP portfolio optimizes standard protocols, distributed caching, advanced coherent and non-coherent fabric while allowing customizable protocols for AI and other applications over a unique transport architecture. The WeaverPro™ software provides a data-driven platform that enables designers to architect cache and memory architecture followed by algorithmically optimized unified fabric design from concept to post-silicon tuning, accelerating the development and deployment of a chiplet-ready system architecture that is globally and locally optimized.

“Tenstorrent is reputed for highly customized, high-performance AI and RISC-V solutions tailored to specific workloads and applications, which need to be future-proof,” said Sailesh Kumar, CEO of Baya Systems. “We believe Baya’s high-performance, reliable chiplet-ready fabric, and advanced analysis capability, design-time, and post- silicon runtime tuning, will be an essential component of Tenstorrent’s ability to deliver high-performance cost-effective multi-chip designs that next-level energy efficiency and are future-proofed for fast evolving applications.”

For more information visit: bayasystems.com