Test bed for AI/ML-based neural receiver with NVIDIA at MWC Barcelona
Test bed for AI/ML-based neural receiver with NVIDIA at MWC Barcelona

By joining the AI-RAN Alliance, Rohde & Schwarz further aligns itself with key industry players such as NVIDIA, Ericsson, Nokia and Samsung and strengthens its role in the development of AI-native air interface test methodologies. Rohde & Schwarz will contribute its cutting-edge test and measurement solutions and many years of expertise to the alliance for the optimization of next-generation wireless networks.

Formed in February 2024 during the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the AI-RAN Alliance will leverage their members’ respective technology expertise and collective leadership to focus on three key areas of research and innovation as the ecosystems moves towards 6G:

  • AI for RAN: Advancing RAN capabilities through AI to improve spectral efficiency.
  • AI and RAN: Integrating AI and RAN processes to utilize infrastructure more effectively and generate new AI-driven revenue opportunities.
  • AI on RAN: Deploying AI services at the network edge through RAN to increase operational efficiency and offer new services to mobile users.

Prior to joining the alliance, Rohde & Schwarz has collaborated with NVIDIA’s research team on 6G research, pioneering a test bed for exploring neural receiver implementations that promise to revolutionize the air interface by improving performance and network efficiency. The strategic move to join the alliance underscores the commitment of Rohde & Schwarz to drive the future of wireless communications through innovation and collaboration.

Andreas Pauly, Chief Technology Officer at Rohde & Schwarz, said: “Collaboration is critical to unlocking the full potential of 6G technology components, such as an AI-native air interface. By partnering with leading industry players and joining the AI-RAN Alliance, we ensure that we remain at the forefront of wireless communications innovation. In this way, the ecosystem benefits from our extensive experience in creating holistic test solutions for the wireless industry.”

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