Seica to Showcase Advanced Flying Probe Test System Pilot VX at SEMICON West 2024

Seica, Inc. is pleased to announce its participation in SEMICON West 2024, where it will be showcasing the groundbreaking Pilot VX, a flexible and configurable flying probe test system that sets new standards in test performance for electronic board manufacturers. Attendees can visit Seica at Booth 6048 at the SEMICON West event, held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco from July 9-11, 2024.

The Pilot VX is engineered to address the critical needs of today’s diverse electronics industry, providing unmatched versatility and cutting-edge technology to optimize testing processes and investment returns. Seica’s innovative solutions offer significant advancements in time reduction, flexibility, traceability, precision and automation.

Key Features of the Pilot VX:

Unrivaled Time Efficiency: The Pilot VX reduces test time by 50% through state-of-the-art mechanical performance and motion control. With 12 multi-function test heads capable of contacting up to 60 points simultaneously, the system’s advanced measurement hardware and optimized VIVA software enable parallel testing, significantly saving time and costs. Smart analysis capabilities and AI-based algorithms further streamline the test flow, ensuring comprehensive test coverage.

Unmatched Flexibility: The Pilot VX’s adaptable configuration allows manufacturers to meet diverse production needs with a single system or optimize throughput by integrating multiple systems. This flexibility supports various test requirements, from simple bare printed circuit boards to complex, fully loaded double-sided boards, wafers, probe cards and components that require programming, including LEDs, flex circuits, and very large or small boards.

Comprehensive Traceability: The Pilot VX offers complete visibility of the test process, essential for certifying product quality and improving yields. It stores detailed data, including the mechanical pressure applied by test probes, available for visual, graphical, and statistical analysis, enhancing upstream manufacturing processes.

High Precision Performance: With positioning precision of +/- 10µm, the Pilot VX excels in probing miniaturized circuits and measuring small electrical values. It can probe 30µm pads, measure capacitances as low as 0.05pF, resistances of 100 µohms, and perform inspections of 01005 SMDs with its integrated laser tool.

Advanced Automation: In an era of pervasive automation, the Pilot VX integrates seamlessly into roboticized production lines. The Seica Asset Manager (SAM) software suite connects test systems to factory MES and supervises all line assets according to MQTT Broker IIOT standards. This allows remote monitoring and management via the customizable Seica Dashboard App on PCs, tablets, and mobile devices.

Visit Seica at SEMICON West 2024

Join us at Booth 6048 at SEMICON West 2024 to see the Pilot VX in action and learn how Seica’s advanced test solutions can transform your electronic manufacturing processes. Our team of experts will be available to discuss the capabilities of the Pilot VX and how it can meet your specific needs.

To learn more about Seica’s Pilot VX, visit