Smith Launches SmithTrade Online Marketplace

The company's newest supply chain solution provides a secure and easy-to-use platform for buying, bidding on, and selling excess inventory

Smith, a leading global distributor of electronic components and semiconductors, announces the launch of its online marketplace, SmithTrade. This flexible and customizable part-exchange platform is an exclusive, value-add service available to approved Smith customers.

SmithTrade efficiently and effectively matches excess inventory from approved sellers with verified buyers worldwide, providing users with access to thousands of competitively priced excess components. All transactions on SmithTrade are thoroughly evaluated by Smith’s commodity experts, and all products undergo the company’s comprehensive inspection and testing process to ensure order accuracy.

“Surplus inventory has been an ongoing struggle for companies across every industry, and Smith has spent the past 40 years helping our customers find easy and effective strategies to manage their excess,” said Marc Barnhill, Chief Executive Officer at Smith. “We are excited to add SmithTrade to our comprehensive suite of supply chain solutions, which will allow us to better serve our global partners.”

SmithTrade Key Benefits

Secure Deals – All transactions are conducted through the SmithTrade platform, backed by Smith’s terms and conditions.

Flexible Selling– Sellers can set their own prices and sell when it suits them best. Excess lists and watchlists can be easily updated as needs change.

Buy or Bid – Buyers can utilize SmithTrade’s auction-style platform to purchase premium parts at bargain prices or buy direct to avoid the wait and secure essential parts with just one click.

Watchlist – Users can create watchlists to track upcoming demand, in-transit products, and at-risk aging inventory, making it simple to monitor high-value inventory and key components for builds.

Global Reach – SmithTrade’s secure platform provides visibility into Smith’s worldwide supplier network, inventory levels, and customer base.

Quality Assurance – All sellers must be approved through Smith’s stringent screening process to ensure products are authentic and high quality.

Smith-Driven Platform – SmithTrade offers a hassle-free experience with no hidden costs to purchase, and sellers profit from a straightforward revenue-share agreement.

Market Intelligence – Users of the platform can stay up to date on the latest market trends to inform their decision-making.

Data Verification – All data in the system is verified before transactions are finalized, and dedicated account managers are assigned to all buyers and sellers to provide support at every step of the process.

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