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NFC tag

Secure Bluetooth Pairing Made Easy with NFC

Near Field Communication (NFC) read and write capabilities are now fully supported in both Android and iOS 13 mobile devices, opening up a...
VICOR Power Summit India

Right Circuit Simulation Strategy for Power Electronics Engineer

Vicor continuing its High-Performance Power Conversion Seminar and Workshop series in eight countries and 12 cities worldwide concluded Delhi edition on September 19.

Industrial Network Installations – A Closer Look

WHAT IS INDUSTRY 4.0? Industry 4.0 is about using cutting edge components that support automation and about being able to process and share data between separate machines...
MeasureWare Platform

Digi-Key Partnership with Analog Devices on Innovative MeasureWare Platform

Digi-Key Electronics announced partnership with Analog Devices on their innovative new MeasureWare platform. The multi-sensor platform will allow Digi-Key customers to kickstart...
DC-DC Converters electrical

Revolutionary DC-DC Converters with Wide Range of Input Voltages for Variety of Electrical Applications

Every year, manufacturers of photovoltaic (PV) modules attempt to create more efficient solar panels using new technological solutions and new materials. Although...

Address Debug Requirements with MIPI Publicly available Debug & Trace Specifications

The MIPI Alliance announced that its debug and trace specifications are now publicly available for download. MIPI debug and trace specifications...
Industrial IoT ebook

eBook for Secure Connections in Industrial IoT

Mouser Electronics, with Phoenix Contact announced a new eBook, offering an in-depth look at connector designs and their importance in the rapidly...
eBook on 5G

Explore the Future of 5G Connectivity with new eBook

Mouser Electronics announces a new eBook in collaboration with Qorvo, offering an in-depth look at 5G connectivity and its implications for mobile broadband and...
telematics with Wi-Fi

Combining Vehicle-Generated Telematics Information with Wi-Fi

Automobile manufacturers globally that have integrated telematics into their vehicles can utilize Wi-Fi today and generate significant revenue for a number of use cases,...
Online Courses to Design

Do You Speak NFC? New Online Courses to Design for Readers and Tags2

ST NFC teams just released a series of massive open online courses (MOOC) that will teach engineers and enthusiasts how to design for readers and tags. NFC...