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Sensor Smart Manufacturing

Advancing the Smart Factory Through Innovation

Advancements in intelligent electronic sensing, control and communication are enabling new levels of factory automation for greater efficiency and lower operational costs...
Vivek Ghewari, Branch Manager, Visco Tec India

“Future of Dosing Technology Looks Very Promising For Indian Market”

There is no manufacturing or production facility which does not need “dosing” function in some way or another. Dosing technology serves a vast area...
AI/ML security threats

Top 10 Security Trends to watch out for in 2020

As 2020 begins, rapid transformation of technologies will continue in order to make business practices more productive and efficient. With emerging technologies...

Zooming Through Automotive Radar Applications

The burgeoning automotive industry’s attention towards the safety and development of advanced vehicles has given a sweeping kick-off to automotive radar technology. As per...
Tony Ng Vice President, Global Sales, Digi-Key Electronics

Why DIGI-KEY is “More Than A Distributor?”

Electronic components are an essential part of any project. Whether you are a hobbyist or designing clients’ project or tasked with sourcing components, in...
Artificial Intelligence on Indian Market

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Indian Market

NITI Aayog’s roadmap for the national Artificial Intelligence (AI) program has given wings to the technology revolution in India. AI offers opportunities...
Aerospace & Defense Market

Latest Trend in High-reliability Semiconductors for Aerospace & Defense Market

Semiconductor components can affect long-term reliability of the system in which they are used, causing its premature failure. Factors that affect long-term reliability include elevated...
debug and trace specifications

Growing a Standardized Debug and Trace Environment

The MIPI Alliance has released a layered system of debug and trace specifications for mobile development in the Internet of Things (IoT),...
VICOR Power Summit India

Right Circuit Simulation Strategy for Power Electronics Engineer

Vicor continuing its High-Performance Power Conversion Seminar and Workshop series in eight countries and 12 cities worldwide concluded Delhi edition on September 19.

Industrial Network Installations – A Closer Look

WHAT IS INDUSTRY 4.0? Industry 4.0 is about using cutting edge components that support automation and about being able to process and share data between separate machines...
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