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Cloud Connectivity Manager

Infineon’s Cloud Connectivity Manager supports AWS IoT ExpressLink

Infineon Technologies announced company’s new AIROC IFW56810 Cloud Connectivity Manager (CCM) solution supports the AWS IoT ExpressLink standards and specifications. This combined...
Modules for Internet of things Connectivity

AWS IoT ExpressLink Modules from u-blox offer Out-of-the-Box Secure Connectivity to AWS Cloud

Pre-provisioned modules enable out-of-the-box secure communication with AWS via Wi-Fi & cellular IoT u-blox has announced two modules designed...
eSIM technology for IoT devices

Digi-Key & Truphone to host a Webinar showcasing the Power of eSIM Technology for...

Digi-Key Electronics has collaborated with Truphone, a world leader in global connectivity, to host a free virtual webinar on Wednesday, Dec. 8,...
LoRaWAN-in-a-Box solutions for IoT

Industry’s first private LoRaWAN-in-a-Box solutions for the Internet of Things

Digi-Key Electronics has partnered with Seeed Studio and Machinechat to launch the industry’s first private LoRaWAN-in-a-Box solutions for the Internet of Things...
Challenges in Embedded System Security

Secure your IoT Solutions with iWave Security Suite

Embedded systems are the driving force for technological development in many domains such as automation products, industrial monitoring, control systems, automotive and...
MQTT Communication for low-power IoT Sensor Networks

u-blox to provide MQTT communication for low-power IoT Sensor Networks

Expands and complements IoT Communication-as-a-Service portfolio u-blox has introduced a service that provides Internet of Things (IoT) sensor network...
IoT Security Solutions with free Crypto Library

Renesas & wolfSSL enable IoT Security Solutions with free TLS Stack & Crypto Library

All Renesas 32-bit RA Family, RX Family, & Synergy Platform MCU Customers Can Obtain a Free, wolfSSL Standard Commercial License for Their...
Qualcomm IoT Solutions

Zyter Smart Warehouse powered with Qualcomm IoT Solutions

Zyter announced they are implementing a state-of-the-art, next-generation smart warehouse for OneScreen located in San Diego which will be equipped with products from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. 
IoT Device-to-Cloud Authentication

Secure IoT Device-to-Cloud Authentication with CIRRENT Cloud ID service

Infineon Technologies AG today launched CIRRENT Cloud ID, a service that automates cloud certificate provisioning and IoT device-to-cloud authentication. The easy-to-use...
AI to next generation IoT devices

Infineon & Picovoice to Develop End-to-End Voice Platform for AI Edge Devices

Infineon Technologies announced the company has collaborated with Picovoice to jointly develop an end-to-end voice platform that brings voice AI to edge...