Thunderboard React Kit Now at Mouser Electronics

Mouser Electronics, Inc. is now stocking the new Thunderboard React kit fromSilicon Labs. Thunderboard React is a cloud-connected, Bluetooth Smart-enabled evaluation kit that enables designers to create, evaluate, and develop their own unique sensor-to-cloud connectivity applications for the Internet of Things(IoT). The complete solution collects sensor data and, through a mobile app, seamlessly connects Thunderboard React to a real-time cloud database.

Silicon Labs’ Thunderboard React, now available from Mouser Electronics, integrates Silicon Labs’BGM111 Bluetooth low energy module — an ultra-low-power Bluetooth 4.2 module that includes a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 processor — with a rich set of optical, environmental, and motion sensors. The BGM111 module includes a Bluetooth radio, an antenna, and a Bluetooth low energy software stack, and provides transmit power up to 8dBm and receiver sensitivity down to ‑93dBm for robust RF performance. The BGM111 module communicates via I2C interface with the board’s sensors: Silicon Labs Si7021 relative humidity and temperature sensor, Silicon Labs Si1133ambient light and UV sensor, a hall-effect sensor, and a 6-axis motion sensor.

The Thunderboard mobile app can be used to control the LED states on the Thunderboard React hardware and to easily connect to the cloud database for data visualization. Designers can easily integrate and modify individual components of the Thunderboard React to add sensor-to-cloud connectivity to tailored applications. The board also includes a 10-pin Mini-Simplicity debug connector that allows designers to develop, program, and debug the firmware application with the hardware via Simplicity Studio.

The Thunderboard React is available from Mouser as an evaluation board or in a Car Kit, which bundles a model car with the evaluation board. Designers can mount the board on the car, and then measure speed, orientation, and movements of the car through the mobile app.