Vodafone uses Internet of Things to create ‘smart’ wearables for the Summer

From bikinis to luggage, Vodafone details IOT proof of concept project

Vodafone in Spain has developed a proof-of-concept ‘smart’ wearables summer collection to increase safety measures and ease of access on holiday.

The development stems from a European survey which found 48% of Europeans forget to apply sunscreen while 30% said they have lost luggage.

So Vodafone is researching what it says is a cost-effective solution using the Internet of Things (IoT).

The smart collection includes, connected swimwear, children’s sunhats and suitcases using revolutionary methods of IoT. The products promise to prevent sunburn, children getting lost on the beach and losing luggage.

Each device functions with a potential growth of a 10 year battery life, low-power and inexpensive costs to correspond with the trends of IoT.

The swimwear is embedded with ultraviolet rays (UV) sensors which detect sunlight exposure throughout the day. This is connected to a phone application that signals the user when UV exposure has reached its limit before the harmful stage.

The sunhat designed for children is also fitted with a UV sensor, a tracking device and a Vodafone SIM card that automatically sends a warning to the family member to alert the child has moved past the predetermined distance. There is Bluetooth technology

The suitcase has integral Bluetooth technology to locate the bag with the help of GPS and GSM mobile base stations’ activation to alert the user on their smartphone the whereabouts of the child or the bag.

Vodafone has named the campaign ‘Smart Summer’ as Erik Brenneis, IoT Director of Vodafone Group states, “the launch of a new narrowband network IoT will bring this extraordinary revolution to a new level”.

Source: http://www.cbronline.com/news/internet-of-things/wearables/vodafone-uses-internet-of-things-to-create-smart-wearables-for-the-summer-4964955