How to Create Cooler Power Systems with Simulation Tools

Vicor Corporation is organising a webinar titled, “How to Create Cooler Power Systems with Simulation Tools” on November 3, 2016. The webinar is summarised on how thermal calculations are made, and how online simulation tools can be used to simplify the evaluation of different components and cooling options.

As modern electronic systems demand increasingly more power, and power component density increases, eliminating heat is one of the biggest challenges faced by power developers.

Thermal design can be complex and time-consuming, with engineers having to review data sheets and application notes to ensure they optimise the cooling of systems. Sometimes estimates are made and then validated by testing real systems to decrease the design time, but the demand for density means that it is more important to calculate the precise condition of the elements of the power system in the customer’s particular application. Fortunately, new simulation tools are being developed that allow preliminary feasibility studies to be conducted in just a few clicks, saving power designers valuable time.

To sign-up for two live events, visit the links below.

Thermal design is an important part of power system development and this webinar will benefit engineers working in all applications. The webinar is designed to help attendees with a wide range of experience, from recent graduates to power design experts.

There is no charge to attend, but one must register in advance. Being unable to attend, one can sign up to access the recording of the presentation when it is available.