Low Cost, Water Based PCB Finish Now Available – Garner Osborne

Our ‘OSP’ printed circuit board finish is now available by popular demand!

We’re pleased to confirm that after further investment in new machinery and development of a new process in our PCB manufacturing line, our “OSP Process” option is now ready and available for supply.

This low cost finish is perfect for companies looking to ‘go green’ as it provides a water based organic finish for printed circuit boards.

Originally designed for lead-free assemblies, this PCB finish can handle multiple heat cycles. It is ideal for the lighting industry, and many others where high volume product is ultimately required, as it reduces both processing time and cost during circuit board manufacture.

The OSP finish is a further example of how we are committed to investing in and developing more environmentally friendly and sustainable processes and products for PCB manufacturing and assembly.

For more information visit: http://www.garnerosborne.co.uk/low-cost-water-based-pcb-finish-now-available/?doing_wp_cron=1471267291.4256830215454101562500