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Tamper-resistant Cable Assemblies

Waterproof & Tamper-resistant Cable Assemblies for Outdoor & Security Sensitive applications

Amphenol RF expands portfolio with IP67 bulkhead SMA, TNC & RP-TNC to ultraminiature AMC connectors on micro coax cable configurations ideal for...
MEMS Pirani Vacuum Transducer

MEMS Pirani Vacuum Transducer for Cost-Effective OEM Integration

Device Packages a MEMS Pirani Sensor and Microcontroller-Based Measuring Electronics in a Compact PCB Assembly Posifa Technologies introduced its...
RF Switch

Menlo Micro’s RF Switch Delivers Up to 10,000x Improvement in IP3 Linearity

Menlo Microsystems has announced a significant performance milestone that will drive breakthrough improvements in RF signal performance across multiple industries. According to...
SDI connectors and adapters

Connectors & Adapters for 4K & Ultra-HD SDI applications

Amphenol RF expands its 12G BNC & HD-BNC portfolio to include isolated connectors & adapters ideal for 4K & Ultra-HD SDI applications
Thick Film Chip Resistors

High Voltage Thick Film Chip Resistors Reduce Component Counts & PCB Size

Automotive Grade Devices Offer Voltages to 3000 V & Stability of 1.0 % in Five Compact Case Sizes From 1206 to 2512
8.1 RJ45 Punch Down Plugs

8.1 RJ45 Punch Down Plugs supports 25 & 40 Gbps Ethernet Transmission Speeds

Stewart Connector announced Category 8.1 RJ45 Punch Down Plugs that support 25 and 40 Gbps Ethernet transmission speeds over balanced twisted pair...
Welding Diodes

New generation of Welding Diodes: higher current with lower on-state losses

Infineon Technologies Bipolar GmbH & Co. KG, an Infineon Technologies AG company, launched a new generation of power diodes. The new housingless...
PoE Magnetic Modules

Power Over Ethernet Magnetic Modules compliant with NBASE-T/ IEEE 802.3bz & 802.3bt

Bel Power Solutions, a Bel group company introduces 100W 4-pair, Power over Ethernet, NBASE-T / 802.3bz Magnetic Modules. The 100W Magnetic Modules...
9000 Series High Power Connector

9000 Series Buccaneer Circular Power Connectors from Bulgin

Bulgin has extended its popular connector portfolio with the introduction of the 9000 Series Buccaneer circular power connectors. The 9000 Series comprises...
Active Optical Connectors

Speeding up noise-free data transmission

Active Optical Connectors optimally suit all environments where electromagnetic interferences are prevalent but electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) needs to be assured.