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IHVR Vertical-Mount Inductor

IHVR Vertical-Mount Inductor for Computer, Server, Telecom, & Industrial applications

Featuring a Reduced Footprint, Vertical-Mount Configuration, 10 mm by 6.4 mm by 10 mm Device Reduces DCR Down to 0.130 mΩ, Offers High...
Connector for wearables

R35K Board-to-FPC Connector for Tomorrow’s Wearables

Compared to conventional connectors, Panasonic Industry's new R35K connector saves almost 50 % space on the PCB – but thanks to its...
USB Type-C Connectors

USB Type-C Connectors Further Extend the Scope of Application Possibilities Addressed

Bringing even greater breadth to its product portfolio, Bulgin has now expanded its popular Buccaneer range of robust connector solutions through the...
Optical Fiber Interconnecting Units

Optical Fiber Interconnecting Units for Optical Cable Installation, Fiber Splicing & Protection

BestNet LIUs offers solution for organizing, routing, termination of fiber optic cables Eurotech Technologies introduced a wide range of...
Silicon Germanium (SiGe) Rectifiers

Nexperia’s Silicon Germanium (SiGe) Rectifiers are now available from element14

Silicon Germanium (SiGe) rectifiers from Nexperia offer engineers cutting edge efficiency, thermal stability & space savings in new product designs
Connectors for Commercial Vehicle Applications

TE Connectivity DT-XT Sealed Connector System is now available from Mouser

TE Connectivity DT-XT Sealed Connector System for Demanding Commercial Vehicle Applications is now available from Mouser Mouser Electronics, Inc.,...
Connectors for Wireless Networking

Amphenol RF expands its SMA connector series with additional cable mount jacks

Amphenol RF expands its SMA offerings with durable & compact bulkhead jacks designed to accommodate 0.81 mm micro-coax cable
Electromagnetic Interference Suppression Capacitors

Smallest EMI X2 Film Capacitor Solution for Harsh Environments

R53 film capacitor is miniaturized, AEC-Q200 qualified & has the highest IEC robustness classification for applications requiring the highest reliability & extended...
Mouser Innovation Lab in India

Mouser & DERBI Foundation to build a Component Bank at the Mouser Innovation Lab...

Mouser DERBI Foundation Component Bank & Tech Talk Mouser Electronics together with the DERBI Foundation announces a partnership to...
Micro connector for RF and antenna design

Molex offers Mobile Device Manufacturers Greater Design through its new RF mmWave 5G25 Connector...

Molex new RF mmWave 5G25 Connector Series meet demanding 5G mmWave applications & offers Mobile Device Manufacturers Greater Design