New FPA-5550iZ2 i-line Semiconductor Lithography System

Digital imaging solutions provider Canon has started selling the FPA?5550iZ2 i-line Semiconductor Lithography System used from memory manufacturing in Mega-fabs. The FPA?5550iZ2 succeeds the FPA?5550iZ or “stepper”1 that has been in use since 2001 and is renowned for its stable operation and productivity.

The FPA?5550iZ2 is considered to be more suitable for the manufacturing of memory, logic and CMOS image sensor devices. It is designed to provide greater productivity and overlay accuracy than FPA?5550iZ. It also has the capacity to be modified, thereby allowing continuous upgrades to support the development of different solutions that meet diverse needs. The FPA-5550iZ2 also includes color-filter process solutions which were developed for the FPA?5510iZ and FPA?5510iZs steppers.

The greater productivity of wafer-processing ability is realized by reducing the time required for wafer-processing. This reduction is achieved by optimizing sequences and reducing the overhead time of the wafer lot. The FPA-5550iZ2 uses the proprietary Canon SSC (Shot Shape Compensator) projection optical system for correcting intra-field XY magnification differences and skew which in turn provides a higher level of overlay accuracy.

With the growing demand for IoT, Artificial Intelligence and big data apart from driverless cars and driver assistance systems, the demand for high-sensitivity image and position sensors has also gone up, justifying the enhancements in FPA?5550iZ2.