Google’s Toontastic storytelling app is now 3D

Not so long ago, Google acquired a startup called Launchpad Toys, the creators behind the Toonstatic kids’ app which allowed you to ‘tell stories through animations’. Now, the app has received a major update and has gone 3D! It is available for iOS and Android. And it’s free!

The app – Toontastic 3D – allows kids to create their own animated 3D movies, choosing from a variety of characters, story types and settings, add their own voiceovers and mix background music, before exporting and sharing them online. They will get to explore interactive 3D areas, and make customizable characters with the help of 3D tools. It enables them to “build whatever they like—including book or science reports for school, design pitches, short stories and cartoons.”

The demo video gives an example of how you can draw a specific character in 2D, just as you would on Microsoft’s Paint application. The character ill then rendered in 3D and inserted into a campfire scene. There are many other scenarios as well.

The company explains that “the app aims to help kids express their creativity and develop their digital skills, as they build their creations and share them with friends and family.” The creative tool can be used in science projects or school projects, to offer that extra 3D effect.