Tech Soft 3D Releases HOOPS Exchange 2017

Today, the barriers to developing an application, whether it be for a smartphone or a workstation, are being eroded rapidly. With plug-and-play programming, or cheap outsourcing, almost any idea can be transformed from thought to concept and then released as a product within a matter of weeks. And while many of the barriers are crumbling fast, one has remained as resolute as possible, the proprietary file format. But even now, that old stalwart is giving way thanks in part to powerful and versatile data exchange software.

One such software, which was just recently updated, is Tech Soft 3D’s HOOPS Exchange 2017. According to Tech Soft 3D, HOOPS Exchange will support data exchanges between CAD software, including SOLIDWORKS 2017, NX11, Solid Edge ST 9 and others through the use of the package’s software development kit. And although proprietary file types may be one of the biggest hurdles in developing an application that can communicate between software, Exchange 2017 also includes support for JT 9.5 and 3MF formats to facilitate even smoother manufacturing and prototyping workflows.

“Our mission is to help our partners create the best, most sophisticated engineering applications in the quickest, easiest way possible, and HOOPS Exchange 2017 further delivers on that mission,” said Eric Vinchon of Tech Soft 3D. “Worrying about working with different CAD formats shouldn’t be a concern in this day and age of technology—we know our partners want to focus on creating the applications their customers need. In addition, manufacturing workflows continue to change and expand, and adding in support for 3D printing file formats is key for supporting their customers’ evolving workflows.”

As the demand for flexible CAD applications continues to grow, solutions that can translate between the warring data formats of CAD software vendors will be critical to delivering products that help companies innovate and accelerate the pace of product development.