Swedspot founding partner in Nordic Car Connect Forum

Swedspot, the Trollhättan based software company, is one of seven founding partners in the new network called Nordic Car Connect Forum, a network with the ambition to be the number one meeting spot for companies driving innovation within the connected car ecosystem in the Nordics. The other six founding partners are Telenor Group, Circle K Europe, EasyPark, Mekonomen, If P&C Insurance and Bertel O. Steen. On January 31st, we are launching the pilot of Telenor Connect, a new IoT solution enabling drivers to keep track of their cars, at Startup Lab, Oslo Science Park, Oslo.

The car industry is working towards selling customized services rather than products.

These services will simplify your car ownership or everyday life, make road trips more fun and help you keep track of your expenses. Imagine getting an offer for free coffee at a close by gas station after driving for three hours straight. Imagine your car insurance being customized to your driving habits. Or just imagine the possibilities that this platform opens up through personalized and timely offers from a network of trusted partners.

The connected car is a disruptive technology that will change traditional auto industry structures, lead to new business models and change the nature of the business. The key to be competitive in the new landscape is to work with open ecosystems and partnerships, says Niclas Lindmark, CEO, Swedspot.

The idea might not be completely new but the approach is truly innovative. By working together and creating an open digital marketplace for services, with access to the innermost of the car, the possibilities are endless. Through an open API, Swedspot enable all kinds of partners, from start-ups to corporate, to build and sell innovative ideas to a large customer base.

Telenor’s ambition is to be our customers’ favorite partner in their digital life. Telenor Connect is all about this by simplifying life for car owners and enabling cars to “talk” to their owners as well as a large ecosystem of useful and smart services. Together with our strong partners in the Nordic Car Connect Forum we can explore new digital platform business models and take important IoT positions together, says Gunnar Sellæg, CMO, Telenor Group.

Being a key player in the project, Swedspot provides the software platform and the IoT app, and will help other partners, big or small, to build their innovative services. Thanks to this, Swedspot is looking to hire 20 developers and project managers in the near future.

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