How to turn your phone into a hologram generator

Turning your smartphone into a hologram generator is surprisingly simple — all you require are a few components like a blade or sharp knife, ruler, pen, graph paper, sticky tape, a spare CD case, scissors, a smartphone and about 20 minutes of your time.

Step 1: Start off by drawing a rhombus on the graph paper — the base should measure 6 cms, the apex should measure 1 cm, and the sides should measure 3.5 cms. This will become your stencil. You can try doubling the dimensions if you have more than one CD case lying around.

Step 2: Break the edges off the transparent part of the CD case so that it is a flat surface. Use the stencil and trace its shape onto the CD cover using a thin marker or sharp tool.

Step 3: Use a sharp blade to cut out a transparent segment, being sure to get these measurements as accurately as possible. You’ll need to create four such pieces.

Step 4: Use some glue or tape to carefully stick the four pieces at the sides so that it resembles a funnel-shaped object.

Step 5: Load up a hologram video on your smartphone — you can find some in the ‘HOLHO collection’ channel on YouTube.

Step 6: Place the object you just created on the display of your smartphone with the smaller mouth resting on the screen at the center of the display.

Step 7: Start the YouTube video, preferably turn off the lights, and gaze in wonder at the hologram that will appear within your transparent funnel.