NASA’s Space Poop Challenge winners bag $30,000

WASHINGTON: NASA has awarded $30,000 to three winners for designing new human waste management systems that would let astronauts urinate and defecate inside their spacesuit for up to six days.

The top award of $15,000 for the Space Poop Challenge, went to Thatcher Cardon, a physician from the US, for his design of the MACES Perineal Access and Toileting System (M-PATS).

Team Space Poop Unification of Doctors (SPUDs) won the second prize of $10,000 for their Air-powered Spacesuit Waste Disposal System.

Hugo Shelley from the UK won the $5,000 award for sesigning SWIMSuit – Zero Gravity Underwear for 6 Day Use.

Spacesuits provide a self-contained life support system and are worn for launch and entry activities, as well as spacewalks, to protect the crew from the harsh environment of space and any unforeseen circumstances.

As astronauts travel farther into the solar system, explorers may need to remain in their suits for several days

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