Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

IIoT stands for Industrial Internet of Things, a term used in industry to automate the machines using the Internet. Use of internet to run the machines, is called Industrial Internet of Things. Now IIoT is being used in factories to run robots, autonomous cars, self driven bikes and many more. The main reason behind deploying the IIoT in industry is that the machines can works more efficiently and accurately than the human.

If we go with some of the live examples, imagine a city where cars are driverless and able to safely navigate to their destination. Imagine the home where pets are fed by machines, patient’s health is closely monitored by his hospital physician. Imagine the water supply when every drop is counted through sensors and close your tap when it’s done.  Today we are using Internet of Things in smart cities to make them eco friendly and best place to live.

The industrial Internet of Things will transform industry through intelligent, interconnected objects that improves performance in factories, lower the manufacturing cost and increase the reliability. This is now no longer part of future as number of companies has started using IIoT and many have started testing it. Convergence of machines and intelligent data is what called the industrial Internet.