Xiaomi Launches Mi 6 Smartphone Featuring Goodix’s Invisible Fingerprint Sensor (IFS™)

Xiaomi launched its 2017 flagship smartphone, Mi 6, featuring the world’s leading Invisible Fingerprint Sensor (IFS™) technology from Goodix (Shanghai Stock Exchange: 603160) in Beijing. IFS™ enables an integrated front glass panel design and an invisible Home button for fingerprint authentication. This state-of -the-art technology from Goodix empowers safe, fast and reliable fingerprint authentication that helps safeguard both the smartphone and mobile payment, offering excellent user experience that matches the elegant and stylish design of the Mi 6.

IFS™ – Advanced Technology Meets Outstanding User Experience
The IFS™ equipped in first listed Mi 6 is exclusively provided by Goodix. The company offers its partners exceptional customer service and delivery capabilities. The integration of IFS™ into the Mi 6 reflects the shared goals of both Goodix and Xiaomi to bring disruptive innovations to the market and create a premium experience for consumers. Goodix’s IFS™ has already been successfully integrated into flagship models from other global leading brands, proving the unique value of the technology to both customers and consumers.

Goodix’s IFS™ technology is based on capacitive fingerprint authentication technology and not only enables more convenient fingerprint authentication, but also better phone design and user experience. The unique design integrates hardware and software solutions which include an innovative chip design and software algorithm. The IFS™ authenticates a user’s fingerprint through the glass panel of mobile devices and then quickly and accurately scans, compares and authenticates it. As the technology is integrated into the glass panel, there is no need to drill a hole into the phone, providing greater design flexibility to manufacturers as well as enabling a more generous screen-to-body area ratio. This design also helps to improve the overall water and dust resistance.

Relentless Innovation Enables Goodix to Become a Global Technology Leader
Goodix prides itself on relentlessly innovating to create cutting-edge, integrated hardware and software solutions. Its capabilities are recognized around the world: as of March 2017, Goodix has applied for and received more than 1,200 Chinese and PCT patents. Its IFS™ technology won a Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Innovation Awards in 2016, the first Chinese integrated circuit (IC) design company received this honor.

Goodix is fast becoming the leader of global fingerprint authentication market. It recently announced outstanding 2016 results with sales growth of 175%.Its fingerprint authentication and touch solutions are already in use in many global leading device brands, including HUAWEI, OPPO, vivo, Xiaomi, ZTE, LG, Nokia, and ASUS. Goodix remains committed to leading the IC design industry with unrivalled investing in research and development, service support and talent.

For more information visit: https://xiaomi-mi.com/  & http://www.goodix.com/

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