Internet of Things (IoT) Applications in Agriculture

According to a report published by Research and Markets, a market research company, Global IoT in Agriculture market expected to grow at a CAGR of 16% by 2022. Agriculture has been one of the most significant activities in the countries like India, china and USA, has gradually shifted from manual farming to highly mechanized and smart farming.

Seeing the growth and potential in agriculture, number or private and public organizations are working to implement IoT in agriculture to improve productivity and crop security. Number of companies from IoT hardware to data management and drones to sensors are working to reap the best out of this high potential market.

Here is the List of future IoT Applications in Agriculture:

Smart Irrigation: Smart water management solution is high in demand and most popular IoT Application in Agriculture. Poor irrigation system and dependency on monsoon has made this application popular among farmers to boost their crop yield and ensure minimum water wastage.

Precision Farming Applications: Precision agriculture (PA) or satellite farming or site specific crop management (SSCM) is a farming management concept used to observe, measure and respond to inter and intra field variability in corps. UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) or Drone is the first application used in PA.

Application: Phantom (DJI China)

Livestock Monitoring Applications: LMS (Livestock Monitoring System) is the next big application in Agriculture which is being used to monitor animal transactions, animal products, monitor milk and milk products. Monitor animal disease, transportation and trace passing of unwanted animals all comes under LMS.

Application: Cattle Watch (Cattle Watch USA)

Fish Farming Applications: Industry sees a big opportunity in smart fish farming which includes, food monitoring system, water quality monitoring system, stock monitoring system and disease monitoring and cure.

Smart Greenhouse Applications: Greenhouse automation and monitoring system is the most popular application in smart greenhouse applications. There are number of applications which are under testing and being used in live environment.

Smart Poultry: Smart poultry system is another area of IoT in agriculture which has high potential of growth. Applications in smart poultry include Hatchery, Slaughter House, Rendering Plant, Waste Water Treatment and many more.

Horticulture – Apart from monitoring the weather, wireless sensors can be used to monitor soil temperature and moisture, greenhouse temperature and humidity, leaf wetness levels, solar radiation, and rain levels. Real-time data from these sensors can be used to modify crop maintenance procedures from regularly-scheduled to ‘when required’ – saving time and money.

Leading Companies in IoT Applications in Agriculture:

Company name  Headquarters Website
Deere & Co. USA
Trimble Navigation Ltd. USA
Raven Industries Ltd. USA
AgJunction Inc. USA
AGCO Corporation USA
SST Development Group Inc. USA
Ag Leader Technology USA
Hexagon AB Sweden
Iteris Inc. USA
TeeJet Technologies. USA