MANN+HUMMEL: Internet of Things solutions for compressors

At the 2017 ComVac trade fair in Hanover, MANN+HUMMEL, development partner and series supplier to the international automotive and mechanical engineering industries, will present solution concepts for the Internet of Things (IoT) in compressors. The focus is on self-learning systems which with the aid of sensors create new possibilities for the generation of data and data exchange between filters and processes in order to improve their efficiency and reduce costs. MANN+HUMMEL offers compressor producers the following application options:

Predictive maintenance: sensors register the load status of the filter and also measure the environmental data such as air humidity, temperature and air pressure. The data flow is used to continuously calculate the remaining service life for the increasing load. As a result, a prediction can be made with increasing accuracy of the time when the next service should be carried out.

Identification of original parts: only original replacement parts ensure the smooth running and correct function of the compressor. Sensors are used to recognize whether an original replacement part has been fitted to the compressor.

Intelligent performance monitoring: this approach uses artificial intelligence technology to carry out big data analysis. This data is used to improve products and processes.

IoT is an integral component of the R&D strategy of MANN+HUMMEL to develop and provide intelligent technology for the filtration market. In August 2016 MANN+HUMMEL founded a laboratory dedicated to IoT in Singapore where a group of experienced specialists are working on modern ideas and solutions. At the present time MANN+HUMMEL is working together with customers in different sectors on different projects.