Interest doubles in annual aerospace fair

The Mexico Aerospace Fair, Famex for short, drew 231 exhibitors when it was first held two years ago. This year’s event, which is being inaugurated today by President Enrique Peña Nieto, has attracted at least 471 from 34 countries.

As a result, even greater investment can be expected in the booming Mexican aerospace industry, Famex CEO General Édgar Salvador Rodríguez Franco told the newspaper El Universal.

The Mexican aerospace industry has recorded steady annual growth, Rodríguez said, and that is expected to continue. The Finance Secretariat forecasts that by the year 2020 it will have created close to 110,000 jobs and that Mexico will rank 10th in the world, up from the current 15th place, thanks to the industry’s exports.

“Mexico has become a continental aeronautics benchmark,” continued Rodríguez, “with more than 330 companies established.”

One of the country’s strengths, he said, is being the sixth most important aerospace industry supplier to the United States.

“We achieved exports of US $6.6 billion in 2015, and our infrastructure — 56 international airports — supports us in continued economic growth.”

Rodríguez said Mexican universities and technological schools are increasingly offering more aerospace career opportunities to students, who will find employment in the growing industry.

Femex continues until Saturday at Air Force Base No. 1 in Santa Lucía, State of México, where more than 40,000 people expected to attend.

Among the events planned are a foreign investment seminar, the second aeronautics education forum, a Mexico-Brazil aeronautics and defense commercial synergy seminar and an airshow, which will take place Saturday.